IDIOTIC: Leftist Media Bashes Guns But Screws Up One Major Detail

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Liberals love going after guns, but the problem is that they never have any idea what they are talking about. 

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Oh the leftists favorite thing to attack is the second amendment. To them it is the holy grail of freedom to try and get taken away from their fellow Americans, but when they do take shots at guns it is quite funny to watch them talk about something they have no clue on.

Townhall reports, The New York Times’ Editorial Board ran an op-ed over the weekend calling out Republicans and their stance of defending AR-15s, but the “newspaper of record” failed to do basic research while talking about the rifle.

Shotgun shells were used in the Times’ gun-grabbing image, but AR-15s rarely fire shotgun shells. Their op-ed does not mention shotguns either. 

Now there are versions of the ar15 platform that do in fact shoot shotgun shells, but for the sake of their article they were speaking about the standard ar15 platform which fires .223 or 5.56 nato rounds, which are in no way comparable to the shotgun rounds pictured. 

They did state in the article a need for a gun ban stating: Americans are going to live with a lot of guns for a long time. There are already more than 415 million guns in circulation, including 25 million semiautomatic military-style rifles. Calls for confiscating them — or even calls for another assault weapons ban — are well intentioned and completely unrealistic.

To underscore why liberals always fail in trying to even define what an assault weapon is, or even more hilariously what semi-automatic we are going to bring up a classic now viral clip.

Task and purpose wrote, did you know the AR-15 is really loud?  Does it fire bullets designed to cause maximum damage? Does it resemble the M-16 rifle used by the military?

This video from CNN has all these amazing factoids, plus reporter Gary Tuchman firing the AR-15 in the same way that I imagine a second-grader would fire it. 


Never go fully semi automatic. Never. Just hilarious. Clearly that is an older clip, and we could literally do a one hour special that fully highlights the hilarious attempts by lawmakers, and journalists who attempt to show you exactly how much they do not know about firearms, their use, or design. But the scariest part they are using their ignorance to write laws that will impact over 100 million people inside of the United States. Further, the liberals have put people in charge of the BATF that have absolutely no clue as to what they are doing, or can even begin to describe the guns, but they make policies that can make Americans instant felons with the swipe of a pen.

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Next News Network Team

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