ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE inside WaPo As Cameras Capture the Moment Snowflakes Meltdown

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All hell just broke loose inside The Washington Post. After the company announced massive lay-offs, its staffers just couldn’t contain their anger and emotions anymore. As cameras caught the heated moment, it became instantly clear just how much anger the news sparked. Staffers are now known to have had a complete meltdown at the office – just wait until you see this! This dramatic event was captured on video, so make sure you check it out for an entertaining show of snowflakes melting down under pressure.

Stunning news this week as Washington Post publisher Fred Ryan announced massive layoffs due to plummeting subscription revenue. Turmoil swept the offices on Wednesday when this news was disclosed during a town hall meeting, and it was caught on video – multiple shocked employees were seen visibly melting down. In his speech, Ryan noted that they had no recourse but to “keep spending on initiatives that no longer align with readers’ interests”. It’s proof yet again that continually pushing leftist lies is a losing venture.

According to RedState, in the face of growing financial difficulties, the nation’s second-largest newspaper decided to hold an all-staff town hall to announce layoffs, and what followed was absolute gold.

Employees threw a fit when told layoffs would begin in 2023.

As noted by Trending Politics, there are approximately 2,500 employees at The Post, so the cuts would affect fewer than 250 people.

The announcement of layoffs comes just days after it was reported by RedState that the Washington Post lost half of a million subscribers in just two years. 

Over 2.5 million subscribers currently subscribe to The Post, down from three million in January 2021. The Post expects to generate about $600 million in revenue in 2022. This year, the company does not expect to make a profit. 

It was hilarious to see all hell broke loose inside The Washington Post as cameras captured the moment snowflakes melted down moments after news of tanking and of mass-layoffs were announced. On top of the reported loss of over half a million subscribers in the past two years, it became clear that people simply do not trust or believe the biased, untruthful, leftist propaganda that has been coming out of The Washington Post for years. In an effort to try to combat this and their dismal financial outlook, the nation’s second largest newspaper made the decision to hold an all-staff town hall to announce staffing changes which did little to pacify their already disgruntled employees.

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