Biden Fails Again: This Time The Children’s Bike Wins The Battle

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Biden has been known to make a few gaffes, but this one is just sad. Most adults can figure this one out but like we all know, Biden isn’t most Adults.

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As always, he was caught on camera making a fool of himself. This time he was trying to take on a children’s bike handle and unsurprisingly, he failed miserably. A child has to come to his aid to help with the toy. Watch the video to see for yourself.

According to Breitbart Reports, the president attended a children’s charity event sponsored by the Marine Corps Reserve to deliver remarks and sort toys.

Biden joked that the Marines were “giving Santa a run for his money.”

He Said, “Unlike Santa, you don’t wear big red suits. You don’t travel the world in just one night. Instead, you wear dress blues and Army greens, and as Marines, soldiers, sailors, you stand watch around the world every single night.”

Afterwards, he walked back and forth with various toys to put in boxes before bending down and slowly picking up a bike with its handlebars separated.

When he picked up the handlebars, he concentrated intently on trying to insert the handlebar pipe into the frame tube, but failed.

There have been a series of missteps with Biden and bikes. Last time it was an adult bike and now it’s a child’s bike.

Let’s relive that memorable moment in Delaware when the President of the United States fell off his bike.

Many Americans will never forget that moment when they look back in the future.

It’s a somber thought to think that the leader of the greatest nation is arguably one of its oldest and most fallible. To wake up every day expecting news about the President, be it a skidding stumble or an incomprehensible comment, has almost become a daily occurrence for Americans. It’s unfortunate to know that the discussion of Biden’s health and his mental stability have shifted from being a source of criticism to providing comic relief for many spectators. Praying for a day when citizens can go without worrying about their President’s missteps has become some people’s new normal. It’s no surprise then that we deem it a miracle if he just manages to stay upright and an act of God should he say something coherent.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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