Congressman Serenades House Floor With Pop Music Rendition

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An Illinois Congressman made a recent attempt to serenade other members of congress with a horrific version of a popular pop song, and it was as bad as you can imagine.

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Sean Casten is not known for his lyrical prowess, or even his mental prowess, yet despite that he made his best attempt to sway other members of congress to buy into climate change policies. 

Daily caller writes, in a song inspired by Rihanna, Illinois Rep. Sean Casten advocated for the Federal Regulatory Energy Commission (FERC).

FERC is once again on the verge of a deadlock. With a little help from Rihanna this time, it is my duty to once again remind the legislative branch that we desperately need FERC, FERC, FERC, FERC, FERC,” Casten sang before the House.


That was painful to watch, but this is not the first attempt for Sean Casten to rap in the halls of congress. 

People reports, In 2021 democratic Representative Sean Casten discussed his bill related to FERC by remixing Fergie’s hit 2006 track “Fergalicious.”

Prior to making his case on the House floor, Casten made fun of Megan Thee Stallion’s popular song and catchphrase, “Hot Girl Summer.”


This is cringeworthy beyond words. But I have to give him credit for having the courage to do this knowing the internet would pick it apart. The injection of popular culture is a favorite tool of democrats to highlight their liberal agenda and gain public support, and it seems to work for Casten when he does this. We are being killed by the liberal agenda almost as much as Casten murdered those songs. To combat these initiatives being put forth by liberal representatives that do nothing for the country besides costing billions of taxpayer dollars, we need strong leadership in the White House.We need Trump back, stat. 

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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