Senator Refuses To Resign Amid Mental Health Concerns

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Dianne Feinstein has been a sitting senator for over 30 years, and as she approaches 90 years in age her mental health is taking a turn for the worse, and some are calling for her to retire.

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The ravages of old age include a number of ailments, including cognitive decline. Yet while it is a normal process that every person undergoes, it is of utmost importance that the lawmakers in Washington DC are in top mental shape, as the fate of millions and billions of people depend on their ability to make sound decisions.

Fox News reports, Despite concerns about her mental health, Senator Dianne Feinstein will serve the remainder of her term.

Senator Feinstein, 89, has been in the Senate for roughly 30 years. Her mental health has recently been questioned, including an allegedly failing memory. Even so, both she and her office said they intend to serve out the remainder of her term.

Feinstein told the Los Angeles Times “Yes, absolutely,” when asked whether she plans to stay on. “There’s still two years, you know. A lot can happen in two years.”

As reported by the Times, Feinstein said she would decide by spring whether to run for reelection in 2024.

A statement from Feinstein’s office confirms that she will stay on for the rest of her term.

A spokesperson from her office stated “The senator has no plans to step down and will announce her plans for 2024 at the appropriate time,” 

FEinsteins mental ability has been brought into question a number of times recently. reports, California Senator Dianne Feinstein is 88 years old. Some people at that age are still mentally sharp. However, it is clear that Senator Feinstein is not.

Being a Senator is an important job. Feinstein happens to represent a state that has the highest population in the country. And while Senate literally means “council of elders,” that has to mean wise elders, not those in mental decline.

Most recently, signs of Feinstein’s mental decline were on display during a Senate hearing in which Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm was being questioned. Instead of referring to Granholm as “Secretary,” Feinstein called her “Senator” Granholm.

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For someone to have questionable mental abilities and be in charge of going to war, budgets, foreign policy, judiciary appointments and a litany of other incredibly important things is a bit scary. Congressmen and senators in the past have made assertions that they want to impose age limits on members of congress and the senate, as well as other critical offices to make sure that the decision makers are in top mental capacity. Those options and rules should be explored, as we see with Joe Biden on a daily basis when you have someone in office that is unfit it can spell doom for millions and potentially Billions of people.

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