Melania Trump’s Beautiful Christmas Message

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Melania Trump has an amazing Christmas present and shares a beautiful message right before the holidays.

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Christmas is a time for giving, it is also a time to focus on the family and friends as we are entering into one of the most holy portions of the year, in remembrance of our Lord and Savior’s birth.

Fox news reports, The former first lady and former president Trump shared some of their favorite holiday traditions with foster care families in Palm Beach, Florida, Sunday.

The Trumps welcomed nearly 100 foster kids to the Trump International Golf Club, as part of the first lady’s “Be Best” and “Fostering the Future” initiatives, which promote children’s well-being and youth communities. They decorated gingerbread cookies, painted ornaments, painted their faces, and met Santa and Mrs. Claus. Todd Zimmerman will read a storytime about “Oliver the Ornament,” a popular children’s Christmas book series for children.


This amazing message from Melania highlights Trump’s dedication to charity and Christmas spirit. But the left had a different message for Americans who are not financially advantaged. 

According to The Washington Post, Americans should eat bugs instead of a traditional holiday dinner, which is now unaffordable for a quarter of families.

Yes really.

In an article headlined “Salted ants. Ground crickets. Why you should try edible insects,” the Post stated “Consumers can already find foods like salted ants on Amazon and cricket powder protein bars in Swiss grocery stores.”

The article states that, apparently, a six-year-old girl in Pennsylvania was given a rousing ovation when she ate fried worms.

The piece quotes the girl as saying, “It’s not that bad! It kind of tastes like kettle corn!”

The piece then goes on to boast about how crickets have more protein than beef and that people in third world countries are already eating them, so why are Americans any better?

The push for eating bugs and impossible meat as a means of ‘saving the planet’ is growing.

What a comparison, from attempting to help lift up America’s most disadvantaged youth to telling poor American’s to eat bugs, there is no comparison. America is one of the most caring and giving countries on the face of the planet bar none. When the chips are down you can count on the people of America to band together and help everyone, at least that is the way it used to be. Now the lunatic leftists want poor people to eat bugs, and not do things like Melania Trump is doing to actually help people. Hats off to Melania’s efforts, she is truly doing God’s work helping children, and is an example of what kindness is. 

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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