Soros-linked Antifa Militant SCREAMS After Arrest in Domestic Terror Plot Against “Cop City”

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It is not every day that you hear a domestic terrorist screaming while being arrested, but this was the scene at the recent arrest of an extremist linked to George Soros in Atlanta. Law enforcement officials were hot on the trail of this group for generating a plot against the city and were not about to let it go unchecked. What could have been her plan? What kind of insanity did she cause before getting caught? We have the details in this must see report.

Serena Hertel, a Soros-linked extremist, was arrested after creating a violent autonomous zone and stirring up mayhem near Atlanta.

During her arrest at the so-called autonomous zone on December 13, Hertel, was photographed screaming with her mouth open.

The 25 year old has several charges against her, including criminal trespass and domestic terrorism; unfortunately for Hertel, bail has been denied.

In Los Angeles her brother Hunter died from consuming a cocktail of drugs in a hotel where he was staying.

Their father David Hertel honored his son with an emotional statement as he knew what kind of pain lives lost to senseless police violence bring to families.

A Soros’s funded Guardian article brought attention to the Soros-funded group, and despite the outcry, Soros continues on his mission to put criminals into power while they continue their level of violence.

Daily Mail reports, Hertel was also one of the ‘anonymous’ Atlanta Forest Defenders who appeared in a Guardian article sponsored by the Open Society Foundations.

OSF Chairman George Soros has contributed more than $32 billion of his personal fortune to the organization.

A world-famous philanthropist, Soros also funds many of the woke district attorneys whose police have been blamed for soaring violent crime across the country.

Daily Mail notes, the charges against Hertel include criminal trespass, domestic terrorism, aggravated assault, obstruction, and inciting riots.

In June 2021, far-left extremists traveled to the location to prevent the creation of a ‘cop city’.

Residents nearby have been terrorized by militants occupying makeshift treehouses and assaulting them with rocks and bottles.

The Soros-linked Antifa terrorists told the press they had done nothing wrong.

Daily Mail continues, eight militants were arrested in May after police patrolling the land were attacked and pelted with rocks and Molotov cocktails.

After another six suspects were arrested in August, left-wing groups used Twitter to fundraise bail for them.

A man who drove into the area was torched after a member of the group torched it while he was still inside, forcing him to flee for his life.

As a protest, the Defend the Atlanta Forest group let off explosive fireworks outside the Dekalb County Jail where the five are being held without bail.

Additionally, the Atlanta Jail Support, a project of the Atlanta Solidarity Fund, called on Twitter users to raise bail money for the terror suspects.

Domestic terrorism convictions can result in prison sentences ranging from five to 35 years.

Brian Kemp, the Republican governor of Georgia, said: ‘We will not rest when it comes to bringing domestic terrorists to justice, and these arrests should serve as a strong reminder of that.’ 

The Soros-linked antifa terrorist Serena Hertel is finally off the streets after her arrest from a domestic terror plot against ‘Cop City’. It seems Soros-funded activists can’t keep getting away with their toxic behavior – Hertel’s bail has been denied, and the charges for criminal trespass and domestic terrorism have been laid. Let us be glad that other Soros-funded DAs don’t get to let criminals slip through the cracks anymore like they have been. The Open Society Foundations sponsored Guardian article admitted Hertel was indeed one of the ringleaders of this violent group – thankfully, however, she won’t be given a long leash this time, as domestic terror convictions range from five to 35 years in prison. Got em!

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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