BREAKING: GOP Leaders PISSED! Vow PAYBACK After FBI Caught Colluding With Twitter To Break The Law 

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Breaking news! GOP leaders are seeing red after revelations from the sixth part of Twitter Files implicated the FBI in breaking the law. It appears agents have been collaborating with Twitter to flag certain accounts and tweets, a practice that even shocked former company officials. But Republicans aren’t standing for any of it; they’ve promised subpoenas for the FBI and vowed payback for this clear act of collusion. Is anyone else getting deja vu after hearing about the FBI’s attempts to censor content on one of America’s most popular social media platforms? It looks like Twitter Files 6 is even more revealing than originally thought!

The introduction of the “Twitter Files” by journalist Matt Taibbi has raised the eyebrows of many. It seems that the FBI had “constant and pervasive” communications with Twitter, asking them to take action against certain accounts and tweets. This has prompted Rep. Mike Turner (R-Ohio), the incoming chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, announced that subpoenas will be issued in order to gain access to these so-called “secret files” kept by the FBI. The implications of this remain unclear, but it is sure to raise more questions about how involved the FBI is in social media policing.

Washington Time Charlie Hurt weighed in on the latest revelations calling a clear violation of the First Amendment.

Several tweets from Substack writer Matt Taibbi detailed FBI ties to Twitter in the new “Twitter Files,” which Gaetz said he would question the FBI about.

In a tweet Gaetz said, “@FBI  has a lot to answer for after the latest drop of #TwitterFiles6”

The FBI responded to the latest Twitter Files claiming it was regular practice.

Fox News contributor Jonathan Turley reacted to the statement saying it shows ‘utter contempt for the American people’ as it was a clear violation of the First Amendment.

The New York Post notes, the FBI and other law enforcement agencies treated Twitter as a “subsidiary,” flagging numerous accounts since January of 2020 for purportedly harmful “misinformation.”

Taibbi wrote on Twitter, “Between January 2020 and November 2022, there were over 150 emails between the FBI and former Twitter Trust and Safety chief Yoel Roth,” 

According to Taibbi, a “surprisingly high number” of FBI correspondence requested Twitter to take action on election misinformation, including jokes from accounts with a low following.

The FBI’s social media task force grew to 80 agents following the 2016 election, according to Taibbi, as federal authorities increased their attention to social media. The Department of Homeland Security partnered with outside security contractors and think tanks to “pressure Twitter to moderate content.”

What’s even more shocking, In a followup “supplemental” Yoel Roth, then head of Twitter’s Trust and Safety Team was “perplexed by the requests” he was receiving in regards to the FBI pushing back on Twitter for not doing enough.

Taibbi noted, “The task force demanded to know how Twitter came to its unpopular conclusion.” And revealed that Roth wasn’t“comfortable with the Bureau (and by extension the IC) demanding written answers.” The idea of the FBI acting as a conduit for the Intelligence Community struck Taibbi as interesting, since many agencies are forbidden from conducting domestic operations.

It is clear that the FBI’s outrageous actions constitute a clear violation of the First Amendment rights of those targeted. From reports stemming from the sixth part of Twitter Files, it appears they are operating as a permanent and self-contained surveillance operation, rather than being conducted as part of any criminal investigation process. This reprehensible behavior must not be tolerated and these FBI agents should be arrested for their clear breach of American citizens’ constitutional rights! It is also deeply concerning to learn that many federal agencies have treated Twitter as a subsidiary, flagging numerous accounts for termination without following due process. We expect better from law enforcement agencies and considering that many are even prohibited from conducting domestic operations, the idea of the FBI acting as an agent on behalf of the Intelligence Community goes far beyond unacceptable.

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