HAHA! New York Mayor in PANIC MODE As Waves of Illegals Set To Descend upon the Big Apple

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The looming wave of illegal immigrants set to come to NYC with the end of Title 42 has Mayor Eric Adams in quite a tizzy! He’s warned that existing city services might need to be cut in order to prioritize care for the new arrivals. We can only imagine what contortion this will require in the city’s budget but there may soon come a day where New Yorkers are cosying up with their new, undocumented neighbors a little more closely than expected!

Mayor Eric Adams of New York City is sounding the alarm this week as a key Biden administration policy on immigration nears its expiration. According to Adams, the city should prepare for a massive influx of nearly 1,000 migrants every week, straining the city’s shelter systems and exacerbating a lack of resources due to insufficient support from the state and federal government. Already the number of shelters in New York has reached close to 2019 record levels. As buses bearing fresh asylum seekers arrived Friday, it seemed that Mayor Adams’ warnings were being realized. With these daunting numbers building up quickly, it remains to be seen how the city will handle such an unprecedented crisis.

In a speech Adams blasted the Biden Administration saying “cities should not be carrying the weight of a national problem. This is unfair.”

Next week, major cities along the US-Mexico border such as El Paso are bracing themselves for a large influx of new immigrants. This is due to the expiration of Title 42, a ruling intended to limit the spread of Covid-19 by expelling migrants as quickly as possible. After last week’s court decision invalidating it, Texas authorities have made arrangements to transport people to larger liberal strongholds in the US such as New York – which means that their numbers could increase even more significantly in these already heavily-populated areas. It is an urgent situation that is sure to cause quite a stir among the existing inhabitants of border cities.

The White House and the Democrat-run cities in this country have been shameful in their refusal to honestly address the migrant crisis. By refusing to admit that there is a crisis and gaslighting the American public, these entities are making a clear statement that they care more about avoiding political accountability than addressing an issue that affects so many. The truth is plain: these policies have failed, but rather than address their failures they opt instead to turn their back on those affected by them and mislead the public. It’s an utterly deplorable level of contempt for people and common decency. New Yorkers can now call New York a “Southern border town” as politicians wring their hands with inaction, leaving New Yorkers at a breaking point responding to this crisis that is out of their control. To push back against this influx of illegals there needs to be greater efforts to shut down the border, or else it could spell disaster for one of the world’s most iconic cities.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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