Everyone Spots Disturbing Details in This Photo of Joe Biden That Has America Questioning Why

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A recent photo of President Joe Biden has sent eagle-eyed social media users into a frenzy. The zoomed-in snapshot of the commander in chief appears to reveal some very unsettling details regarding his hands and face. The President’s camp has yet to comment on the mysterious image or provide any explanations… making this story even more intriguing and alarming!

Chris D. Jackson may be a proficient Democrat strategist, but when it comes to his photoshopping skills, let’s just say he still has a ways to go. His adoration for President Joe Biden seems unquantifiable and so Jackson thought it made perfect sense to share a manipulated photo of the President and his late grandson Beau…or it least he thought so. In reality, this photo was so poorly photoshopped that even amateur graphic designers were shaking their heads in amusement. Jackson may have good intentions in wanting to make President Biden look good, but maybe it’d be best if he left the image editing to professionals.

Jackson tweeted, with a cutesy heart emoji, “You can just tell Baby Beau has his Pop (@POTUS) wrapped around his little finger,” and attached an image of the president, his wife and his grandson.

They’re so cute.

t’s also very much a terribly edited version of the original image, as Twitter user John Hasson pointed out, tweeting,  “Dem strategist photoshops Biden (badly) to make him appear younger Safe to say Dems are worried about 2024.”

Here is the original version from Getty Images. The president appears more confused and wrinkled in this picture.

There are other glaring manipulations to this photo but let’s look closer at Biden’s face.



Now let’s look at what Jackson did to Joe Biden’s hands.

Here’s Jackson’s manipulated image where he smoothed it out to remove the wrinkles.. IMG_7>>>

Here’s the original. What the hand of an 80 year old man really looks like.

Now let’s look at his other hand.

Here’s the original.

Here’s Jackson’s manipulation of reality.

Needless to say the internet took notice and mocked Jackson for his horrid photoshop skills.

FauxyFoxSATIRE tweeted, “I mean, if you’re gonna’ photoshop it … REALLY photoshop it!”

And he attached this photo with the head of young Joe Biden.

@formeret tweeted, “Those hands…..You’d think the President could afford a decent Photoshopper”

@PWesterner, a Biden-Harris supporter was too stupid to notice and took the manipulated photo real tweeting, “President Biden looks so happy and his face looks so peaceful. He has a strong bond and connection with Baby Beau.  He loves his family so much.”

@vicvicious068 clearly saw the con-job at play tweeting, “Crappy edit job!! My gosh those hands and his face hasn’t looked that young in decades.”

Chris D Jackson’s photoshop attempt to make Joe Biden look 20 years younger was undeniably pathetic and not very convincing. Jackson got called out for his poor editing techniques, leaving the Democrats exposed for trying to hide Biden’s age in a desperate haste. It is obvious that they are scared of what 2024 might bring when Biden would normally be deemed too old, especially when he has openly declared his plans to stay in the White House for another four years. Jackson’s failed image manipulation serves only to illustrate the Democrats fear of Joe’s old age amidst all the other trouble currently facing their party.

Let’s continue this conversation, in the comments below.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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