Fox News Has Major Reason to Celebrate Compared to FAKE News

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Fox News has cause to celebrate with the recent news that their ratings are up due to an influx of viewers looking for reliable news coverage. Meanwhile, it’s been a difficult few years for those in the “Fake News” camp as their credibility has rapidly evaporated.

Fox News has been on top of the news industry as its ratings have been higher than ever before. It is clear that Fox News’ conservative and fact-based approach has helped the network stand out above all others, while fake news continues to struggle. While those peddling in falsehoods may try to make their message stick with little success, Fox News continues to celebrate its success in providing an alternative point of view to news consumers. And their yearly ratings prove just that.

According to Forbes, Fox News Channel’s The Five was the most-watched cable news show in 2022, making history as the first show outside of prime time to achieve this distinction. There were 3.432 million viewers on average, despite the show airing hours before primetime, during which viewership is typically at its peak.

Based on Nielsen data compiled for the full year, Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson Tonight finished first in the 25-54 demographic, the group most valued by advertisers.

FNC’s Gutfeld! In addition, it finished the year as television’s second highest-rated late-night show, behind CBS’ The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. A total audience of 2.045 million and 345,000 viewers in the key demo watched the show on average.

The Fox News Channel finished the year with an average prime time audience of 2.33 million viewers, way ahead of MSNBC (1.208 million viewers) and CNN (730,000 viewers). There was only a 1% drop in Fox News from 2021, compared to a 21% decline at MSNBC, and a 33% drop at CNN.

Fox News led the key demo with 346,000 viewers (down 7%), CNN (174,000 viewers, down 36%) and MSNBC (133,000 viewers, down 39%). In contrast, CNN and MSNBC had their lowest ratings ever as a result of Fox News’ victory.

When all was said and done and the news broke, of course the most hated man in fake news had some words to add.

In his Truth Social, Trump nailed the final nail to Fake News’ coffin, saying;

“MSNBC and CNN had their Worst-Rated Years EVER—down 21% and 33% overall, and 39% and 36% among viewers 25-54 (Key Demo). This is only because they are against “Trump”—but also because they are losers, and always will be, with their ideology. FAKE NEWS”

Fox News is far from perfect, but one thing you can always count on is its integrity when it comes to reporting the news. Fox doesn’t peddle hatred and lies to its viewers like some other news networks do; instead, they go to great lengths to ensure that their reports are factual and balanced. This commitment to neutrality has worked wonders for them in the past year, as they have quietly become the top-rated cable news network in the U.S., leaving all the rest of their competitors behind. It just goes to show that when presented with a choice between honesty and deception, people will choose honesty every time.Truth is all that Americans want to hear and the station that does it more accurately will always win.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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