OUTRAGEOUS: Watch This BEFORE Congress Votes on the $1.7 Trillion Spending Bill 

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You won’t believe the outrageous items that have been released in the $1.7 trillion Pelosi-Schumer spending bill! Rand Paul was seen rolling out a 4,000+ page cart of the monstrosity- leaving CNN’s Jake Tapper to mock the House Republicans’ fight against it. Mike Lee labeled it an act of extortion coming from Democratic leaders and figured out details were much worse than expected- proving you can never trust what politicians tell you! When Schumer tried defending himself from reporter’s questions, it only caused more consternation- leaving Americans wondering, “What else is hidden away in this heinous bill?” Will Republican voters turn on their representatives for backing such an expansive bill? Get ready for endless debates and speculation as citizens claw for transparency and accountability on this exact issue.

Talk about an oppressive government! The FBI is still getting funded despite its outrageous and corrupt behavior and $1.7 trillion spending is included in the monstrous 4,000 page long Omnibus bill. Money allocated to improve security at our border? Not allowed according to this tyrannical bill. It’s no surprise Senator Mike Lee couldn’t take it any longer and called out the current omnibus bill as “extortion” and “legislative barbarism.”

Representative Dan Bishop and his team examined the spending bill just passed by the US Senate today.  This is a horrific act.

It’s shocking to think of the extreme level of U.S. funding going towards various projects and international organizations that have nothing to do with border security when Americans are increasingly concerned about their safety.

CBP cannot benefit from a single cent, yet Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia and Oman will see $410 million come their way?

The UN is set to receive over a billion dollars alone?

Salmon will get $70 million dollars while bee-friendly highways get $3 million and fisheries commissions an additional $65.7 million?

No one can deny these are absurd causes, yet they all pale in comparison to the hundreds of millions being spent on “family planning” where population growth is claimed to threaten biodiversity.

To top it all off, two senators will be receiving hefty sums, with Senator Leahy claiming $65 million for two programs and Nancy Pelosi getting an entire federal building named after her.

Not to mention the Michelle Obama Trail funded with $3.6 million!

Even the Equity Institute gets a whopping $477k for anti-racist training!

This is absolutely outrageous! Already an additional $47 billion in Ukraine funding is being proposed, and guess what else?

It also authorizes a Ukrainian Independence Park right in DC.

Not to mention monuments for journalists and service animals.

If this wasn’t enough, even more money is scheduled to be injected into programs in Pakistan for gender issues, plus a Gender Equity Fund with $200 million!

To top it all off, the House of Representatives Office of Diversity and Inclusion will get almost $26 million in taxpayer dollars.

Add that to the $286 million planned for Title X funding which supports Planned Parenthood – can you believe it?

This year’s administrative expenses for the vax injury trust fund were already $13.2 million but now they’re going up another 15% to a whopping $15.2 million!

It’s unbelievable how much taxpayers are expected to pay 335,000,000 for an influenza pandemic.

And $7.5 million just to “understand the domestic radicalization phenomenon”? Really?

To give reporters an idea of what 4,000 pages of hastily assembled congressional waste look like, Paul paraded the “toxic” plan before them.

Tuesday morning, a reporter grilled Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer about the omnibus spending bill, asking “How is it a functional process to drop a 4,100 page bill this morning and expect a vote on it tomorrow?”

CNN’s Jake Tapper mocked House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Republicans in the House over McCarthy’s opposition to the Democratic Party’s $1.7 trillion spending bill as a “Gang Of Flying Monkeys”.

The reality of Washington DC right now is an abomination. Certainly, this kind of flagrant disregard for regular Americans and taxpayer money wouldn’t have been predicted – the work of those America-haters and criminals masquerading as politicians is one we simply must reject. For this reason, Rand Paul is absolutely correct in urging us to take a stand against this wild overspending, which is only getting worse with record-high inflation. We don’t have to rush into this decision, no matter how much establishment figures on both sides may want us to. After all, this bill needs to be voted down so that Republican voters – who are fully justified in their anger – can finally see some real lasting change come about from their representatives in the Senate and at the RNC. It’s time for the status quo to end show our government that ‘business as usual’ won’t always fly.

Let’s continue this conversation, in the comments below.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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