Olbermann Loses It After Twitter Suspension

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Keith Olberman is having another one of his famous meltdown, this time posting from his dog’s twitter account to vent his rage at Elon Musk.

Keith Olberman’s long-standing twitter addiction is so severe that when his most recent twitter suspension kept him from venting his rage at Elon Musk, he took the only safe course of action: posting from his dog’s twitter account! While many of Olberman’s twitter rantings have become famous in their own right, and hold true to his extreme leftist ideals.

Breitbart reports, One of the “journalists” suspended for using their accounts to dox Elon Musk’s family was Olbermann, who has been attacking everyone with whom he disagrees for many years. Olbermann did not take the ban particularly well.

He disgraced his dog charity Twitter account with his broadside against “Elon Muskleone” after his own account was shut down.

A wild-eyed, screeching Olbermann, wearing an NHL jersey and unshaven, compared Musk to the fictional mob bosses in The Godfather.


Elon Musk recently banned a number of quote journalist accounts, and the reason for the bans are reasonable.

Conservative brief notes, The bans follow real threats to Elon Musk and his family.

Elon Musk is taking extra steps to protect himself and his family from harm after posting a video of a real stalker to his account. The disturbing video revealed an unknown individual attempting to box in Elon’s toddler son, who he thought was in the car. Understandably, those close to him are concerned for his safety, so he has recently implemented a series of bans that restrict access to both his real-time location. Regardless of how successful these measures will be, it’s clear that Elon cares deeply about the security and privacy of himself and those he loves.

In a twitter pinned to his account he stated, “Criticizing me all day long is totally fine, but doxxing my real-time location and endangering my family is not”

Keith Olbermann is one of the woke elitists, who never will allow himself to take any blame, or even speak the truth about why he was really banned. Instead of addressing the issue, and giving an apology he spewed more hate and vitriol, and lamented about his freedoms being taken away. But what about the safety and security of Elon Musk’s family? Someone literally attacked a car he thought had Elon Musk in, but it was his son. Any parent could imagine the level of anxiety and fear something like that would cause, and Elon took very appropriate steps to keep his most valued assets protected. 

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