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Senator Kyrsten Sinema is taking a front and center approach to the illegal immigrant crisis ahead of President Biden’s failed policies, by organizing a bipartisan trip to the border with her colleagues. 

The border is a wreck and old creepy Joe is sleeping at the wheel of our nation. Ever since Biden took office he has done everything in his power to not address the crisis we face at the southern border, and America is suffering for it. 

Washington Examiner reports, bipartisan delegations will visit the border next Congress under the leadership of Senator Kyrsten Sinema.

Her announcement on Tuesday was intended to spread awareness about the border crisis, according to the Hill. She said Sen. Thom Tillis (R-NC) will help organize the trip, which will take place in January.


In response to the illegal immigrant crisis, a proposition to give them access restricted areas came up.

Newsmax reports, El Paso, Texas officials are requesting military bases be used as homes for illegal aliens in preparation for the continued surge.

El Paso Deputy City Manager Mario D’Agostino said he believes the military can house the illegal aliens on bases as it did with Afghan refugees after the U.S. withdrew from Afghanistan last year.

D’Agostino stated “What we have been saying to all of our federal partners is that this Title 42 going away, with the numbers we’re seeing today, is a true emergency for the community, It’s a federal crisis that’s happening on the border of El Paso. With that, they’re gonna need to do some federal operation, maybe like what we saw with the Afghans.”

According to Pentagon spokesman Lt. Col. Devin T. Robinson, the Defense Department has not received such requests from Homeland Security, saying, “as always, we stand ready to receive and consider requests for support.”

It’s comforting to know that lawmakers are recognizing the difficult issues our nation faces at this time, and senator Sinema’s attempt at curbing the issue before it worsens is nothing short of admirable. Kyrsten Sinema’s announcement to organize a bipartisan visit to the border in January is an important step towards addressing the illegal immigrant crisis, which Biden has utterly failed to take effective action against. Our nation can no longer afford to be complacent as this crisis worsens due to increased illegal immigration. If we do not take proper steps now, how can we expect another Trump victory in 2024? He himself has suggested using the army to guard the border and it appears that such a drastic measure may be necessary. Let this be a warning shot across our nations bow: if both sides of the aisle continue their shameful inaction, our nation will suffer!

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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