What is Rep. Ted Lieu Hiding? Perhaps The Answers are in The Unbelievable Twitter Files!

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 Rep. Ted Lieu certainly has something to hide after his bizarre tweet as of late – and the questions surrounding his hidden information could finally be answered by a Twitter Files investigation. The public is now on the lookout for what the Representative is hiding, and maybe the herculean task of digging into Twitter Files may finally provide us with the answers we have long sought.

One would expect politicians to want the truth to come out, but Representative Ted Lieu of California recently debunked that concept. On twitter, he encouraged people not to look at certain leaked files, hiding information instead. This behavior is a complete contradiction of what people expect from their representatives, leading some to question Lieu’s motives for hiding these files from public view. For someone no one had an eye on now everyone has their eyes on him.

Town Hall Reports, While Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA) expressed concern regarding his party’s involvement in censoring Hunter Biden coverage in the weeks leading up to the 2020 election, he appears to be the only one. Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA), for one, has come out in particular against the Twitter Files, which now have seven editions, the latest of which was released on Monday. Several editions of Matt Taibbi’s supplemental came out on Sunday as well.

Twitchy noted that Rep. Lieu took notice of the supplemental and responded sarcastically, which Taibbi noticed and responded to. In his analysis of the congressman’s remarks, he raised a crucial issue. 

Let’s take a look at what the fidgeting congressman had to say:

I read this breathless “Twitter Files Supplemental” from @mtaibbi so you don’t have to. Here’s the summary:

Twitter disagreed with the FBI. You’re welcome.

Which then prompted Matt’s response:

” I’m also curious as to why a member of Congress would be encouraging people not to read something. If there’s nothing to it, you should be encouraging people to read that and discover it on their own.”

Since he began tweeting about the Twitter files, the congressman has been something of a troll. Despite mocking Taibbi’s revelations, he tweeted frequently on Sunday, including at Taibbi, and suggested doing other types. Suggesting and saying:

“Oh hi @mtaibbi, are you also going to do a breathless “Twitter Files” of @elonmusk banning journalists? Or are you just a partisan hack? Now there’s nothing wrong with being partisan. I’m a Dem politician which means I’m partisan. But purported journalists shouldn’t be partisan.”

However, instead of stopping his own burial, the congressman went even further to continue to embarrass himself on Twitter. And he continued to criticize the journalist with a bit of a personal vendetta. Saying:

” Dear @mtaibbi: Story is partisan because you selectively cherry pick anecdotes but ignore actual data that shows Twitter favors conservative accounts. You also ignore Twitter banning journalists. And the FBI lists the 2017 FITF program on its website. It’s simply not news.

Matt politely responded with:

It is very odd that people (cough,

@tedlieu) think the FBI/DHS relationship with Twitter and other platforms is a partisan story. It’s taken place and grown under both Republican and Democratic administrations. This concerns everyone.

According to an advanced Twitter search, users have also called out Lieu for chasing after Taibbi in his replies. Lieu has also tweeted extensively about the Twitter Files overall. Which only makes people curious about his involvement and if they’ll ever hear his name.

Congressman Lieu has certainly done himself no favors by singling out a journalist and going after him in such a public manner. The reason for his actions is what millions of Americans had already suspected and this only serves to amplify them. With the progressive base firmly behind him, Rep. Lieu might believe that he’s untouchable, but instead the event only further confirms how radical his views are, and those on the other side of the aisle can expect no compromise from his corner in future investigation. This sense of bravado could still come back to haunt him and the American public are watching very closely.

Let’s continue this conversation, in the comments below.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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