Liberal Mob Goes After CNN Chief For Attempting To Do Good

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CNN’s new Chief Chris Licht, is coming under fire from the left wing for trying to make CNN less partisan. While many are saying CNN has been traditionally biased towards leftist views in the past, Licht sees that as the biggest issue. Will leftist hold CNN hostage in an attempt to hold on to the minor power they have left?

All the new Chief is simply trying to do is combat media and political tribalism by giving a platform to voices from both sides of the aisle. Despite his efforts, he claims he’s still facing “uninformed vitriol” just for trying to take CNN in a less politically-driven direction. It remains to be seen if Licht can break through the noise of  partisan politics and become an unbiased source of media again. The people deserve better than what current CNN has to offer.

America Look Out reports, CNN’s new chief Chris Licht says he wants to soften the network’s leftward stance. Due to this, he also claims he is getting angry pushback from the left as a result.

Licht, who took over from Jeff Zucker earlier this year, said in a New York Times interview that he was surprised at the backlash against his reforms.

Reporters at The Hill certainly enjoyed the news. They hilariously tore into the piece with a colorful narration of what the new fascist CNN chief did to piss the left off.

As part of Licht’s restructuring, other CNN anchors, including Reliable Sources host Brian Stelter, have been removed from the network.

Licht stated he wanted CNN to offer “rational conversation about polarizing issues” and for viewers to “take what they’ve heard to the dinner table and have a discussion.”

If I were Chris Licht having heard the news of FOX’s record breaking year, I too would want to change some things at CNN despite what the mob has to say.

As reported by the Los Angeles Times, CNN and MSNBC saw their ratings decline significantly from year to year in 2022. Compared to 2021, MSNBC averaged 733,000 viewers. It averaged 568,000 viewers, down 27% from last year.

In December 2021, the network lost its most watched prime-time personality, Chris Cuomo, who was fired over his involvement in advising his brother Andrew, who resigned as governor following sexual harassment allegations.

For Cuomo’s former time period, CNN has yet to name a permanent host.

CNN’s prime-time audience decreased 33% to 730,000 viewers for the year. There was a 1% decline in Fox News viewers to 2.3 million, while MSNBC’s block was off 21% to 1.2 million.

Fox News led the 25-54 demographic with 346,000 viewers, down 7%, followed by CNN with 174,000, down 36%, and MSNBC with 133,000, down 39%.

CNN has been facing some serious problems over the past few years, and it’s clear that if dramatic changes are not made then it will continue to go downhill. It’s a difficult challenge to rehabilitate any news network, and it’s even more difficult if those in charge don’t have the backbone to stand up against those with an agenda. Regardless of who takes the reins at CNN, they must stay firm and be willing to fire anyone who is trying too hard to push their own radical viewpoints instead of reporting what is actually happening. That doesn’t mean they need to take just one side of a story, but they should strive for objectivity and fair reporting that won’t bias their audience. Let’s pray Chris Licht means what he says in regard to changing CNN.

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