WATCH: Hollywood Celebrities Devise GLORIOUS Virtue Signal That Will Solve EVERYTHING

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You won’t believe what these leftists are doing now! They’re pushing their radical agenda and trying to get everyone to sign on without thinking about the consequences. You will see some of the most famous leftist entertainers signing onto the woke agenda without a second thought.

Who would’ve thought woke elites and the lunatic left would take over the entertainment industry? We can no longer relax with our favorite shows and trust that it’ll be entertaining. What used to be mindless distraction is now filled with their liberal agenda. This woke trend has become increasingly difficult to keep up with —celebrities endorsing this lifestyle without any real consideration for potential consequences to their fans or viewers as a whole. If you’re looking for mind numbing relaxation, you should probably steer clear of what these leftists have in store!

Hollywood Reporter notes, several late night hosts and comedians, including John Oliver, Amy Schumer, have signed a diversity pledge. 

A pledge signed by more than 50 supervisory scribes in late night and comedy/variety TV by the Writers Guild of America East and West aims to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Part of the pledge read “Traditional pipelines into late night and comedy-variety television are historically overwhelmingly white, and it is, therefore, insufficient to rely solely upon them when making hiring decisions,”

Specifically, the pledge explains how to help BIPOC writers enter, remain in, and progress up through the pipeline by addressing systemic barriers and a “sink or swim” culture.

The pledge was also signed by Trevor Noah, Samantha Bee, Desus Nice and The Kid Mero,  Amber Ruffin, Amy Schumer and Charlamagne tha God.

Thankfully the internet had some pretty amazing responses to the “pledge”.

American outlook reports. As another example of how liberal campus culture has spread beyond colleges, this is just another example of how it has affects everyday life. In addition, it’s a reminder that left-wing progressive ideology is incompatible with comedy.

Ben Shapiro tweeted “And you thought there was no way to make late night any unfunnier”

Craig Phillips tweeted “ late night comedy is already dead. This will be the nail in the coffin”

Steve tweeted “Wild idea… but for comedy, just hire who writes the funniest stuff. This crowd is getting left behind and they don’t even know it”

Floplag tweeted “ Just create a new show called “virtue signal” and be done with it”

From woke elites to liberal agendas, the lunatic left has taken yet another big step toward inclusion – a Hollywood “diversity pledge”. This pledge by late night hosts and comedians like John Oliver and Amy Schumer has sent shockwaves across the conservative entertainment landscape. While this move may be seen by some as a virtue signal to appease woke progressives, actually it is exactly that. The left cannot rest until it controls every facet of American life, and they can inject their woke ideology into everyone and thus changing America. Now if there is any lessons to be learned from the other Woke businesses like Disney or Facebook, once you go woke you go broke. Further, hiring people based on skin color or ethnic backgrounds is against federal labor laws. Those people just signed a pledge to break the law.

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