Joe Biden to Raid Strategic National Stockpile to Combat Virus

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 It seems that instead of good planning, and making sure that the country has all of its critical supplies in order, Biden just goes to the strategic national reserve whenever he is faced with a crisis that could have been avoided.

The flu is nothing new, we have been dealing with it for many many centuries now. Also while supplies have run short in the past, good planning and making sure that America had its eyes forward to help plan and supply for rises in infection rates, America was never put into the position we are in now. Even with the recent virus outbreak, and the entirety of the federal government focused on combating it, apparently nobody thought of making more medicine for the flu.

Western journal reports, as flu-sickened patients continue to flock to hospitals and doctors’ offices across the country, the Biden administration will release doses of prescription flu medicine from the Strategic National Stockpile.

The flu season has hit hard and early this year. Pharmacy and grocery shelves are bare as people rush for over-the-counter medicines as cases have spiked. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, this season’s flu has caused 150,000 hospitalizations and 9,300 deaths.

HHS will make available doses of Tamiflu kept in the Strategic National Stockpile to states. Numbers of doses to be made available have not been disclosed by the administration.

In addition, HHS announced last week it would allow states to access statewide Tamiflu stockpiles, making millions of treatment courses available. Flu symptoms can be treated with Tamiflu in people over 2 weeks of age.

Recently there has been yet another critical shortage of medicine for children.

Ap News notes, caring for sick children has become extra stressful recently for many U.S. parents due to shortages of Children’s Tylenol and other medicines.

Doctors and other experts say the problem could persist through the winter cold-and-flu season but should not last as long as other recent shortages of baby formula or prescription drugs.

Honestly can anyone remember when America was faced with shortage after shortage? First the baby formula shortage, then the other medicines. Now we have fuel shortages, diesel outages, power outages, water shortages, and the list will continue to grow as the Biden presidency continues. One thing is for certain if Trump was still in office we would have $1.50 gallons of gas, no shortages whatsoever and a booming economy. But the sad fact remains that Biden is president, and the liberal agenda is to degrade Americans’ lives down to the barest tolerable level, so they can implement every green policy they can. All of this while Americans are suffering, and dying from poor planning and horrible execution of the supposed protections we are to have.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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