HAHA! Kamala Gets 3 Busloads of Christmas Gifts Delivered To Her Front Door From Gov. Abbott

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What a Christmas surprise for Kamala Harris! What did Gov. Abbot have in store? Wouldn’t you like to know – three busloads of presents arriving to her front door. But, they weren’t just any presents – they were illegal immigrants waiting to be welcomed with open arms by their newest host! 

As people were unwrapping presents, praying for peace and gathering with family on Christmas Eve, Kamala Harris got an unexpected package–three overflowing busloads of illegal immigrants dumped onto her lawn! Talk about a holiday surprise. Governor Abbott was certainly generous in his gift giving this Christmas, although we doubt this was the kind of present Kamala had in mind. In total, 233,740 illegal immigrants crossed the border in November alone; it’s no wonder that the Governor thought Santa’s sleigh could use some reinforcements!

A Migrant Solidarity Mutual Aid Network team was on hand to transport immigrants to a local church and provide them with appropriate resources after some immigrants were seen lacking adequate winter clothing as the temperatures dropped, according to The Washington Examiner.

Christian Flores of 7News Washington, D.C., posted a video on Twitter showing migrants boarding a bus from the streets of D.C. en route to a local church with the aid group.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has been busing immigrants seeking asylum to Democratic cities since April. 

According to data from his office, the Texas Republican has sent more than 8,500 migrants to Washington, D.C., more than 4,000 to New York City, more than 1,300 to Chicago, and more than 260 to Philadelphia.

Abbott’s actions are intended to highlight the border crisis, in response to the Biden administration’s decision to repeal Title 42, a pandemic-era emergency health order that allowed immigration authorities to refuse entry to immigrants. When the policy ends, the Department of Homeland Security estimates it will see between 9,000 and 15,000 immigrants a day. 

Governor Abbott’s decision to send three busloads of illegal immigrants to Kamala Harris’ doorstep on Christmas Eve is certainly a bold move, as well as an act of clever diplomacy. I can only hope that Kamala was prepared enough to have enough food laid out at her Christmas table for them all. I sincerely hope that this stimulus finally compels the Vice President to take action and protect our nation’s borders. It’s time we saw some meaningful progress from our Border Czar, and I’m hopeful Governor Abbott’s gestures will force us closer towards achieving the desired result.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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