Joe Biden Gets DESTROYED Over New Inflation Plan

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It seems President Joe Biden has failed to keep his promises, as Republican Rep. Jim Jordan’s Wednesday tweet alluded to. In a time of economic turmoil for Americans and an increasing border crisis, citizens are left questioning why their own job opportunities are being disregarded by the White House. Despite what he had said in the past, Biden appears ready to give millions of illegal immigrants eventual U.S citizenship instead of prioritizing American jobs, leaving many people wondering how this is even feasible in the first place.

In a time of economic trouble and newfound border crisis, citizens are starting to wonder if Joe Biden has failed to keep his promises. Sadly, not only are American jobs being disregarded, but with inflation racing and an ever-increasing border crisis; it is hard for many citizens to comprehend the thought of millions of illegal immigrants potentially getting citizenship sooner rather than later.

Western journal reports, Republican Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio offered a simple yet potent rebuke of President Joe Biden’s “America Last” approach to illegal immigration in a Wednesday tweet.

Jordan questioned why American workers were a mere afterthought in the eyes of the White House amid a reported plan to give millions of illegal immigrants eventual U.S citizenship.

It was reported Tuesday that the Biden administration is planning to make an economic argument for granting amnesty to participants in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. All in an effort to bring new workers into the economy, and thus hopefully lowering inflation.

Representative Jim Jordan replied with a one line simple question, that every American was wondering. Jordan stated “Why not just hire AMERICANS looking for jobs?”

Biden has wrecked every single border policy that Trump put into place.

PBS states, A federal judge recently temporarily blocked the Biden administration from ending a Trump-era policy requiring asylum seekers to await hearings in US immigration courts in Mexico.

Matthew Kacsmaryk of the US District Court for the Southern District of Texas stayed the termination until Texas and Missouri settle their legal challenges, but he did not reinstate the policy. There was no immediate indication of how the impact would affect the program.

El Paso, Texas, and other border cities face a daily influx of migrants, which could grow larger if separate asylum restrictions enacted under President Donald Trump expire next week.

President Trump had some strong words for the failures of the Bided administration. 


Joe Biden’s false promises of putting America first in his approach to the economy and a controlled border crisis have proved otherwise, leaving his citizens in utter disbelief. From his recent inflation plans to allow millions of illegal immigrants eventual U.S citizenship, it is clear that Biden has neglected the pleas of the American workforce for hireable job opportunities in favor of his own political agenda. From this, many have even taken to questioning whether Biden’s America Last policies could open the way for Donald Trump’s return in 2024 election – a thought that not all find too outrageous now. However, there is one simple fact that remains, we would not be in the multiple crisis we are in if Trump was still in office. We need him back, ASAP.

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