Biden Spotted Fleeing US as BLIZZARD Death Toll Rises to 70, and Southern Invasion Rages On

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The Biden’s flee yet again, leaving American’s in distress after a horrifying winter storm and a worsening Southern invasion. The blizzard death toll has reached 70 and people are asking why the POTUS and First Lady have decided to stay put in the U.S. Virgin Islands while Title 42 is still due to be lifted at midnight, resulting in more potential migrant crossings over the border. The bad optics of this trip come when the nation needs strong decisions and guidance more than ever not  sipping fruity drinks while people continue to die across America.

Joe Biden and Jill Biden will be sipping fruity drinks in the sun-drenched U.S. Virgin Islands this Tuesday, oblivious to the frigid temperatures devastating their homeland. Sadly, a massive winter storm has ripped through parts of their country and taken at least 70 lives. Meanwhile, a policy that’s been making life difficult for countless others along the border will be coming to an end just before midnight — all while Joe and Jill are lounging on the beach, soaking up the sun away from it all. Who needs White House press briefings when you can have a hot vacation instead?

It’s hard to ignore the optics of Joe Biden leaving town as parts of the US are bracing for life-threatening cold and inches of snow. With Buffalo buried under an incredible 50 inches of powder, it’s declared a federal emergency after the bomb cyclone storm that has caused chaos across the country. Yet, Biden will be sipping fruity drinks on a sunny stretch of beach on the Caribbean island of St Croix. How can Biden be allowed to enjoy paradise while people freeze to death? It’s not just immoral, but disrespectful considering our current circumstances.

On Fox and Friends they made sure to highlight the bad optics of this presidency.

Peter Doocy noted that Biden is unlikely to take any action on the expiration of Title 42 because the president is in St. Croix…through the New Year.

It is a working trip, according to the White House.

White House spokeswoman Emilie Simons responded to the criticism saying, “No matter where the President is, he is working. The President will continue to closely monitor updates and will remain in close touch with staff over the New Year.”

Over the weekend, 70 Americans not only lost their lives due to dangerously low temperatures but thousands of people across the country were stranded or had their flights canceled. The horrifying situation of migrants flooding into El Paso, Texas and having to sleep on the streets is further compounded by an absolute lack of sympathy from our president and his administration. While thousands suffer in some of the coldest temperatures of recent years, Biden will be sipping fruity drinks as people freeze to death and our border is overrun. In addition, despite 2,872 US domestic and international flights being canceled and a call for investigation into Southwest Airlines’ handling of the situation, Biden’s Air Force One got him off scot-free with no problems. It’s very disheartening to see acts like this with lack of compassion and detachment from realities facing both American citizens and those Biden let into the country illegally!

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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