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In a shocking move that is certain to cause a stir in the economy, Governor DeSantis recently revealed plans for protecting teacher’s paychecks from potential deductions. He argues that teachers in Florida deserve every penny of their paychecks and that inflation should not be taking away from their hard-earned money. This could act as a catalyst to further strengthen the economy, as teachers will have more disposable income to spend on goods and services throughout the state. With this move, we can confidently say that Florida truly is “free” – especially for the often neglected members of the education system.

Ron Desantis sets the example of what a governor should be, he fights the woke establishment and continues to deliver on the promise of freedom for his states residents. He has fired liberal prosecutors for refusing to enforce the law, and has gone to war with any entity that worked to restrict the rights of his people, now he is taking on one of his biggest foes yet.

Townhall reports, Governor Ron DeSantis is taking on the teachers unions by asking the legislature to eliminate automatic union dues deductions from educator paychecks.

Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida promised Monday to sign into law a bill that would raise teacher pay by a record amount, but he also wants to clamp down on teachers’ unions. Instead of automatically deducting teachers’ dues from their paychecks, DeSantis’ plan would have them send a check to their unions every month.


Recently Desantis won a war against Disney after the company refused to go back on some of its Woke policies, and Desantis ended the companies tax breaks.

National Review writes, Disney has fired its CEO Bob Chapek and will replace him with his predecessor, former CEO Bob Iger, the company said in a shocking announcement.

Susan Arnold, Chairman of the Board for Disney, said in a statement.  “We thank Bob Chapek for his service to Disney over his long career, including navigating the company through the unprecedented challenges of the pandemic, The Board has concluded that as Disney embarks on an increasingly complex period of industry transformation, Bob Iger is uniquely situated to lead the Company through this pivotal period.”

It was during Chapek’s tenure that the company became embroiled in a battle with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for advocating against the state’s Parental Rights in Education Act, which prohibits the teaching of gender ideology and sexual orientation in kindergarten through third grade.

As an outspoken critic of the measure, Disney even said its “goal as a company” is to have the bill “repealed or struck down by the courts.”

Consequently, Florida stripped Disney of its “independent special district” status, with DeSantis warning that if Disney used its economic might to attack the parents of his state, he would “fight back.”

Governor DeSantis went above and beyond to protect the paychecks of Florida’s teachers, making a bold move to ensure their take home pay is strengthened. In this economy of inflation, the governor is sending a louder message with this action and proving that indeed, “Florida is free.” Not only does this impact our educators, but more importantly will have a greater overall reach by helping kids get the education they need while providing economic stability for Floridians. Teachers are beacons of knowledge and wisdom in our society, and DeSantis is proving his commitment to them with his amazing initiative.

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Next News Network Team

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