KILLSHOT: Hobbs Last Act Against Lake is So Sick It Could CRIPPLE Her Battle For Justice For Good

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“Basement” Hobbs is getting desperate. After Kari Lake filed an election lawsuit against the Arizona Governor-Elect, Katie Hobbs has made a multi-million dollar “kill shot,” launching sanctions against Lake’s team in an effort to cripple her battle for justice. It’s a sick move, and one that could throw a major monkey wrench into the works. Could this be the end of “Lady Justice”? We’ll have to wait-and-see, as Lake has indicated she will appeal the judge’s ruling, no matter what the cost.

On Monday, in an effort to end Kari Lake’s fight once and for all with crippling sanctions, Democrat Katie Hobbs joined Maricopa County in filing court sanctions against her former Republican opponent in Arizona’s 2022 midterm election. This came in the wake of a Maricopa County Superior Court judge ruling on Saturday against Lake’s lawsuit, which had alleged fraud and intentional misconduct in the election results in favor of Hobbs. Hobbs has sought a total punishing fee in excess of half a million dollars from Lake and her lawyers for bringing forward a baseless lawsuit in their failed attempt to overturn the election.

Adam Klasfeld tweeted the shocking details, “Arizona’s Gov.-elect Katie Hobbs filed a separate motion detailing what she wants Kari Lake to pay in sanctions: more than $550,000, mostly to 

@MarcEElias’s firm.”

Lake responded to the call for sanction on Real America’s Voice.

Fox 10 Phoenix has more.

Obviously that guy doesn’t value the meaning of free and fair elections and Lake’s constitutional right to challenge fraud uncovered in an election.

A lawsuit filed Monday by Hobbs’ attorneys joined the Maricopa County Defendants seeking $25,050, including $18,730 in attorneys’ fees, from Lake over her allegedly “groundless” claims. According to the document, the sanctions are “more than warranted.”

With the judge’s ruling on Saturday, Democrat Katie Hobbs (D) requested more than half a million dollars in sanctions against her defeated rival Kari Lake (R). On Monday, Maricopa County joined Katie Hobbs and filed court sanctions as well. Do these crippling sanctions spell the end of the road for Kari Lake? It remains to be seen, but Katie Hobbs and Maricopa County certainly showed their disdain for the frivolous lawsuit meant to overturn the midterm election results. Pray that these sanctions don’t stick and that Kari Lake has the fortitude to keep on fighting for justice for the people of Arizona.

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