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A man was recently stranded on Christmas Eve when his Tesla wouldn’t do the most basic of functions, due to the cold weather. 

With the government making the massive push to bring about an all electric car world, there are many many drawbacks from doing so that are just now beginning to be realized. 

Washington Examiner reports, Christmas didn’t go as planned for one Virginia radio host.

Domenick Nati, 44, posted a video on social media on Christmas Eve showing that his Tesla electric car wouldn’t charge despite being plugged in. On Friday, it was 19 degrees Fahrenheit outside when the vehicle first refused to charge.

Nati stopped to plug in his Tesla S battery on Friday when it reached 40%. As a result, he explained, “two hours passed and nothing changed.”


Tesla and other electric car companies have made some modifications to help with cold weather driving.

Seattle times reports. AAA reported that when the temperature drops to 20 degrees and the heater is turned on, driving range plummets up to 41%. In a 2020 test drive by Car and Driver magazine, a Tesla Model 3 lost over 60 miles of range after being driven with the seat warmers on and the heat on high.

Don MacKenzie, a professor and head of the University of Washington’s Sustainable Transportation Lab said “Although the car’s performance drops, that doesn’t mean it won’t work”

 Drivers can keep that battery going by doing a few things.

There are some electric vehicles that can be “preconditioned” before you drive them. Open the car’s app on your phone and let it know you’re leaving. Before you hit the road, you can turn on your heater and warm up your seats while it’s still plugged in. 

As a result, performance varies from car to car. Tesla, for example, has added heat pumps to its cars. The car is less sensitive to temperature swings and uses less electricity, MacKenzie said.

You can bundle up so you don’t have to turn on the heater if all else fails.

According to MacKenzie, prospective buyers shouldn’t be put off by electric vehicles’ performance when it’s cold. Around 86% of cars sold in Norway in 2021 were electric. Nearly half of the year, temperatures hover around or below 40 degrees. 

This is the future, having to be cold in a vehicle is just part of the cost for the liberal elites who want you to accept the barest comforts and call it luxury. They want us to be colder in our homes with rising energy costs, or even hotter in the summer with restrictive programs on thermostats to control energy usages. They want America to slide into being a  third world country, where shortages are normal and things like heating your home is a luxury. When will this craziness end? If Trump was still in office we would not be having these conditions as there would be no shortages, and fuel prices would be record lows, no war in Europe and no pending war in China. 

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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