Dystopian Future Is Here: You Are Now Required to Be Tracked When Shopping In DC

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In a totalitarian move from mega retailer Whole Foods, it is now clear that the globalist elites want to track your every move, and are now testing their draconian systems out before they roll out world wide.

We have known for a long time that the ruling elites want to microchip everyone, and have a digital currency to enforce their agenda. Well now it is being rolled out inside of the United States with this latest test of social engineering.

We Love Trump reports, In Washington DC, creepy footage shows what a dystopian credit score system in America would look like.

Shoppers must scan their QR codes to shop in the video.

At the entrance to a Whole Foods Market in DC, a shopper showed the QR scanners, saying she didn’t want a QR code.


America and the globalist elites are taking notes when watching how China is locking down their citizens and restricting their movements, so they can implement the system here.

Telegraph reports, using its sophisticated abilities, the Communist Party is turning science fiction into science fact. China has been in the process of locking down its citizens for some time now as protests erupted over the insane government over reach, and complete degradation of society.

Recently a video surfaced of China using drone technology where a drone would fly in front of checkpoints, and if your social credit score was not high enough you would not be allowed to pass. The drone forced people to scan the QR code and you had to identify yourself, and if you failed to do so, or your score was not good then…


Looks like Whole foods is taking the liberal message to heart when it comes to people just picking up food and walking out of stores. Oh wait, that was looting. However, it is scary the direction the world is moving. The world is moving away from hard currencies where the money cannot be tracked, to one that is digital and the elites can track your every move with little effort, know every store you shop at, everyone you send money to. If they don’t like it they can shut off your shopping privileges, and restrict your ability to be a participant in society. Scary times indeed, it is just a matter of time before every store has this, and QR  codes will be too much of  a hassle, then you get a chip in your hand, then all money is gone. Then they raise the communist flag above the American capital.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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