SHOCKING Border Discovery Enables Illegals to DISAPPEAR Into America

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The most recently released photographs from the El Paso region of the US border are leaving people shell shocked. It’s now clear that Biden’s failed strategies have led to a surge in illegal immigrants, while inflation and economic woes remain unsolved.

Biden has been weak on the border since day one in office where he halted construction on new border fences, and wall sections, to allowing over 2.4 million illegal immigrants to cross into America in one single year. Further Biden has reduced the capacity of Border Patrol, and allowed literal tons of drugs to flow into America.

Daily Mail reports, Mexico and the US border fence has a gaping hole that reveals how easily migrants can cross illegally, despite Title 42’s strict rules.

Traffickers cut a large opening in a border fence near an abandoned building just four miles from downtown El Paso, Texas. discovered the makeshift crossing point about an hour after the Supreme Court ruled Title 42 would remain in effect. It appeared that migrants used the hole to cross illegally on Tuesday, since it had been freshly cut.

Despite the discovery, a police officer remained unfazed and said such openings are not uncommon. The cameras that monitor the border would have detected the access point, so no alarm was necessary.

A number of novel techniques are being used by migrants to enter the US illegally.

A photographer discovered another shocking discovery on Monday night: A man rolled through a hole dug beneath the border fence in El Paso. In a patch of wasteland near railway tracks by the Rio Grande river, there was just enough room for one person to crawl through.

An apparent attempt was made to conceal the hole the following day by filling it loosely. A white towel was draped across the spot to mark its location.

Watch as another section of border fence was cut and camera crews captured video of Illegal immigrants crossing into America. 

El Paso locals also told of smugglers using the underground sewer systems which connect the two countries.

Previously reported was the border patrols efforts to stop illegal immigrants entering through sewers. 

A local man was quoted as saying ‘You see dozens come up through manholes like this,’.

Residents of the city have previously described the shocking sight of migrants emerging from sewer points. Rosalinda Tapia told KVIA: ‘They are not using the river anymore. They are using the water tunnels to come in.’ 

The recently released photos from the US border in El Paso, Texas are both shocking and heartbreaking. Many biden-voters had hoped that he would quickly make changes to fix the crisis at the border, but it seems that he has been unsuccessful so far. The economic impact on the country due to inflation and influx of illegal immigrants is staggering, and the current condition of the border wall stands testament of President Biden’s failed bid for increased security. The situation has been far too long in coming and a proper solution must be sought immediately; it is the job of our countries leaders to protect those placed in their care, especially those who risk their lives working as Border Patrol Officers every day. It is imperative that proper steps are taken to ensure this never happens again.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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