Typical: Mitt Romney’s Shameful Attempt to Explain the Omnibus Bill

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 Mitt Romney’s feeble attempts to explain his decision on the Omnibus Bill have been staggering in its disregard for anything that would even remotely resemble what the people want. His rhetoric has exemplified a blatant lack of candor and integrity, making it obvious why voters have been so wary of him when it comes to representing even a can of worms.

It’s a miracle that in 2022, Mitt Romney is still representing anyone at all, much less voters in Utah.  Well, Romney tried to explain himself with a statement, but let’s just say that it left conservative voters feeling frustrated and just angry especially because of that tone. Rather than acknowledge the huge deficit spending he approved with this bill – all financed by taxpayers – his explanation focused on how grateful people should be to have him as a representative.

Red State reports, The Senate passed another massive Omnibus spending bill on Thursday, as 18 Republican senators joined Democrats. The US taxpayers spent $1.7 trillion on this continuing resolution, setting spending baselines for the next two years. A mere few weeks before the GOP would take over the House, the power of the purse that had just been won was handed over without a fuss.

As a result of Sen. Mitt Romney’s presence around, we can learn that this wasn’t actually a betrayal. There is actually nothing wrong with this, you are just too stupid to realize it.

Watch How Romney breaks it down for us stupid constituents.

In summary, the Republican Party deserves to lose, and parties that deserve to lose rarely succeed. If the results are the same, winning elections makes no sense. There was a chance for the GOP to stand up here and at least demand funds to secure the border, but they failed to do so. After being served that turd sandwich, we are informed it’s actually smoked brisket. Typical Romney!

Let’s listen to someone who won’t undermine our intelligence as if we don’t know what’s really going on. Sen. Rand Paul explains why it took so long and why we should have waited to vote on a bill of this magnitude.

Which Republican did it better, Romney or Rand Paul?

Conservative voters need to pay attention and ask the right questions if they want to avoid those who claim to represent them because, in reality, many only looking out for themselves. People like Mitt Romney are only pretending to be on the side of conservatives when in reality he would rather pass policies that line his pocket than stand up for conservative values. It’s no surprise we’re having a difficult time sticking together as a party if we don’t weed out these elites that have also snuck their way into our ranks. It’s time for those tumors to be removed so we can move forward with real conservative principles that will benefit all voters and not just a select few.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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