BREAKING: What Could Go Wrong? Woke Military Now Accepting Recruits in Mental Health crisis!

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What could go wrong? What was once thought of as the land of perfect discipline and perfection – the military – is now opening its doors to those who are dealing with a mental health crisis! ADHD? Check. Anxiety issues? Got it. Even behavioral challenges can be accepted in this new ‘woke’ mentality of being highly inclusive in hopes of getting more people to sign up. What else can they open their arms to, you ask? Only time will tell at this rate!

So, the Military is now reaching a whole new level of ‘desperation’ in order to meet those recruitment goals. Breaking news – they are now accepting potentially unstable recruits, none of which normally would have been given their seal of approval! We can only imagine what kind of mayhem this could bring about, or if it could even work out for them in the end.

According to the Wall Street Journal, a revamped set of rules allows 700 recruits with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) to join the military without a waiver for the first time under revamped rules, providing a pathway for those with mental health problems or other developmental issues.

Military recruiters are experiencing major recruiting challenges, so in June, the military announced that those suffering from 38 different medical conditions could serve as long as they didn’t show symptoms or need medication for treatment for three, five or seven years, depending on the condition.

In order to enlist, a potential recruit must have completed high school or college or have successfully held a job without counseling or medication for three years. 

Potential recruits who have been treated for depression or other mental illnesses in the past, or who have taken medication for them, are only allowed to join the military with a waiver. According to military guidelines, recruits may not be taking medication when they enter basic training.

As noted by the American Lookout, this new policy for the military is a recipe for disaster, and the Biden administration seems unconcerned with the consequences.

Twitter users noted this, with one person tweeting, “Biden policies in full play, as they continue to make the military a testbed for liberal experiments.”

Another added, “What could go wrong with this plan? The Pentagon needs to forget their wokeness and truly wake up! Especially since we’re absent a real Commander in Chief.”

And another added, “Reeks of desperation. Probably will see more criminal waivers soon too.”

In an apparent effort to meet recruiting goals, the military has lunged into desperation and implemented a dangerously shortsighted policy. Under new rules, 700 recruits with ADHD are now eligible to join the ranks without a waiver—a move that is nothing more than a recipe for disaster. Clearly, the Biden administration doesn’t care about the potential hazards of allowing lunatics in our military ranks; this new policy has “woke disaster” written all over it. It’s irresponsible and highly disconcerting that those responsible for the safety of our nation have reached such a level of desperation.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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