MSM Refuses To Admit Communism Is Bad

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Mainstream Media outlets continue to pretend to be clueless as to communism and socialism being bad, as one anchor cannot see the correlation between communism, and people getting asylum claims approved.

Communism and Socialism has failed on every level, so many times that it is shocking that people are still even considering it as a possible governmental approach to life. We have seen what happens when people get absolute power, it corrupts them to their core and the people starve, suffer, and die as a result. 

News busters reports, NBC’s Today program openly complained Tuesday that people fleeing communist countries had an easier time applying for asylum. Despite omitting the C-word, it was blatantly obvious what each of the countries they listed off had in common even when they claimed that the system was “arbitrary.”

Sam Brock noted in his report that most of the people he spoke with were from Venezuela or a few other countries. In part, this is due to the way Title 42 is being applied, allowing asylum seekers from some countries but not from others.”


The truth is that while Brock and the so-called expert claimed Cuba and Nicaragua were chosen arbitrarily, any honest observer can tell you they share a communist government. It was not a secret that America has long accepted defectors from communist countries. Venezuela has been edging ever closer to joining their ranks as socialist policies have devastated its economy.

The news report came out after Title 42 was extended by the supreme court.

New York Times reports, according to the Supreme Court, a health measure that restricted migration at the southern border during the pandemic will remain in place for the time being, delaying the potential for a huge spike in illegal crossings.

The justices halted a trial judge’s ruling that would have lifted Title 42, which allows even migrants who might otherwise qualify for asylum to be swiftly expelled at the border.


Anyone with a couple of brain cells and some working knowledge of how the world presently works can work out why those people fleeing communist regimes get asylum granted at a higher rate. But the mainstream media has been pushing for decades the necessity to move towards a socialist America, and world. So no wonder why they won’t allow any bad news from communist countries to permeate into American media, they want us to be like the other countries. They want us to be like Venezuela where people had no food, no money and resorted to eating their pets to stay alive. We cannot allow that to happen here in America. Ever. 

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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