THAT’S SHARP: Texas National Guard Deploys GENIUS Tactic to Block Migrant Border Invasion

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The Texas National Guard has put a stop to the border invasion cold with their newest tactic, GENIUS. Yes, you read that right! At long last, something is being done about this problem since Biden is doing nothing at all. Fencing both permanent and portable, along with razor wire have been installed along the Rio Grande in Downtown El Paso and it has had an impressive effect; migrant crossings have plummeted. 

Since President Biden is doing nothing whatsoever to protect the border – Governor Abbott of Texas is taking matters into his own hands. The Texas Army National Guard has installed razor wire and portable fencing along the Rio Grande in Downtown El Paso, and since then we have seen an astonishing plummet in migrant crossings according to the Border Report. It looks like this issue is far from over, so stay tuned to see what else Governor Abbott has planned!

Over the past eight days, barbed wire has nearly reached a second point of entry, and the chain-link fence anchored by sandbags has extended even further. 

As a result, asylum seekers can no longer walk across ankle-deep water in the Rio Grande to turn themselves into Border Patrol agents.

“Migrant crossings ‘plummet’ in El Paso as Texas National Guard expands barbwire fence,” Texas Governor Greg Abbott tweeted. “We will continue to deploy the National Guard, razor wire, large container boxes and building the wall to do all we can to deter illegal immigration caused by Biden.”

According to the Border Patrol, migrants who cross the border without reporting to a port of entry or turning themselves in to federal immigration agents will be expelled under Title 42 and/or expedited removal under Title 8.

Until a February case is heard, Title 42 border restrictions may remain in place, the Supreme Court ruled on Tuesday.

The genius tactic deployed by the Texas Army National Guard to block the migrant border invasion using miles of concertina wire is a clear indication that since Biden is doing nothing at all, action has to be taken in order to ensure the security of the American people. Thousands have crossed since Biden got elected, and all he can do is shrug his shoulders. Protesters and asylum seekers alike should be ashamed for trying to invade since these measures are even more harsh than under Trump’s leadership.  The situation is grave and requires urgent solution since this border crisis needs immediate attention, since the invasion is real.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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