The Momentous Shifts in Public Opinion that Will Destroy America

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With a scandal ridden Biden administration Americans’ sense of patriotism is falling to record lows, along with institutional confidence.

Americans everywhere have been shocked by the recent polling that shows just how much our country’s patriotism and love for America has declined over the past few years. Under President Biden, we’ve seen a failed economic policy that has only resulted in increased inflation and financial turmoil for many of us. With our civic pride plummeting, it is time for the Biden administration to take immediate action to rally together more patriotic feelings from the public; because no one can ignore an obvious decline in love for America if it continues.

Townhall reports, Gallup’s pollsters looked back at how Americans responded to its surveys during 2022 as it draws to a close and found that the past year saw “momentous shifts in public opinion,” most of them new lows that paint a country in a state of malaise heading into 2023.

Gallup’s survey of patriotism just before Independence Day recorded just 38 percent of Americans saying they are “extremely proud” to be Americans. This is the lowest number Gallup has recorded since tracking Americans’ pride in their country began in 2001. 

In addition to sinking patriotism, Americans’ confidence in our country’s institutions also dove in 2022. Gallup noted “significant declines” from 2021 in 11 of the 16 institutions they asked Americans about. 

A new low was reached for both the Supreme Court (25%) and the presidency (23%), while organized religion was at 31 percent, newspapers had 16 percent, and the criminal justice system and big business had 14 percent confidence. 

Gallup’s average confidence measure for these institutions reached a record low of 27 percent – a three-point drop from the previous all-time low.

Rising inflation, wars, an economy that is in shambles, a President who claimed 74 million Americans were domestic threats. Increased political influence in our justice departments, raids on former Presidents, and all sorts of other massive issues have plagued America for the last few years, no wonder why polling just came out that showed Americans are not as proud of America as they once were. If the government were to pay attention to these metrics, they would be working earnestly to increase public confidence in the fundamental institutions in the United States, instead they continue to work towards a Democrat controlled everything in America. Shameful. 

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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