Cartel Gives Hand Outs To Children  Right Next To Police

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Things have degraded so much in Mexico that the cartel is actively doing public relations stunts with children directly across the street from police stations. 

Mexico has devolved into a cartel ran country, that only loosely has any semblance of being a country. Ever since the massive amounts of drugs began flowing into the United States criminal organizations have systematically taken control of every facet of the Mexican government.

Daily Mail reports, just blocks away from a police station, members of Mexico’s most powerful drug cartel gave early Christmas gifts to children. 

Last week, Jalisco New Generation Cartel hitmen led a caravan of vehicles through the Guadalajara neighborhood of El Retiro.

In video footage, adults and children lined up on both sides of the street as henchmen driving pickup trucks adorned with inflatable Santa Clauses, snowmen, and lights drove past.


Cartels have used holiday activities throughout the years as a way to endear themselves to the population despite their illegal activities.

During Christmas, Pablo Escobar would often give lavish gifts as a token of gratitude to those who remained loyal to him. 

In Medellin’s Moravia slum, the Colombian drug lord built more than 200 homes for poor families, as well as 50 soccer pitches. In addition, he had his henchmen deliver loads of gifts before Christmas. 

Meanwhile north of the border, illegal immigrants continue to pour across the border, all led by cartel smugglers.

CNN reports. The Border Patrol reported that more than 2,400 migrants crossed daily into the United States near El Paso, Texas, over a recent weekend, marking a “major surge in illegal crossings” in the area.


It is pretty common for criminal organizations to do community outreaches, and give toys as a way of relating to a community that they have ravaged over the years. Further, since the cartel is literally the acting government in certain areas, they might have some sort of guilty thoughts about their insane tactics they use throughout the year to make money. But nevertheless they are blood thirsty organizations that need to be stopped at all costs. During the Trump administration there was talk about adding the cartels to terrorist group lists, that would have allowed the US government to dramatically increase its ability to combat these groups including active military missions to neutralize the cells. But all of that is in the past now, and we just hope over the coming years that some sort of actions can be taken to curb the violence, and general chaos these groups cause across not just Mexico and America, but the world too.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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