There’s A Hilarious Reason Why Residents In This Major City Don’t Charge Their EV

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Residents in this major city were recently warned to stop charging their electric vehicles. This important precaution was taken due to the fear of energy overloads caused by too many people using too much electricity all at once. Ironically enough, there is a far more predictable and entraining reason as to why. 

Liberal policies, while often touted as beneficial to the most vulnerable members of our society, have had some foreseen consequences. In their own cities, Liberals have caused their inability to charge their most popular electric vehicles on their own terms due to chronically high homeless populations. This comedic irony has been lost on many Democrats who continue to push for policies that make this growing problem worse rather than confronting the root causes of escalating homelessness in America. You reap what you sow.

Town Hall reports, Many of Los Angeles’ charging stations are overrun with homeless encampments, which may make charging their electric cars downtown challenging.

As conservative commentator Alexandra Datig points out, “the closer you get to downtown, the charging stations have homeless ‘attendants’ who live on the same sidewalk as the stations.”

In the videos she posted on Twitter, not a single charging station is visible.

She had more to show after that short clip and asked this question next.

I’m just now driving down the street passing the charging station that is five minutes from my house on the outskirts of downtown LA. Would you be comfortable charging your $60,000 EV here?

Then she bravely exited her car to give her followers a beautiful look at what Gavin Newsom has enabled with his excellent policies.

She said, “This is at Pico and Vermont right now. Taking a closer look at the graffiti, I wonder what gang affiliation you need to have to be able to charge your $60,000 EV here?”

Her Videos appear as city officials are suspected of concealing the extent of the city’s homeless problem, over which Karen Bass has declared a state of emergency. 

It can be extremely hard for government officials to try and transition from gas to green energy when there are far more pressing matters that demand attention first. Homelessness and crime in major cities is a problem that has been clamoring for aid for years, yet the transition from oil to renewable energy seems to take the front seat in the political scene. The oil industry won’t be gone anytime soon, but their demands for faster transition away from natural gas completely ignore more pressing issues that must be solved. These liberal leaders are destroying these once so great cities.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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