You’re Going to LOVE the First Thing The GOP House Has Planned Once They Take Over

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You are going to love the first thing that the GOP House has planned once they take over. Kevin McCarthy, the House Minority Leader, recently announced their intentions to repeal 87,000 new IRS agents that were part of Joe Biden’s plan for 2021. This news is certain to be welcomed throughout the country as Biden’s liberal agenda had proposed using this battalion of bureaucrats to terrorize Americans with an intrusive level of taxation and abuse. So before Joe Biden even gets a chance to settle into his 3rd year in office, it looks like his plans will have already been thwarted by an excited GOP dominated House of Representatives!

Kevin McCarthy caused a stir with his recent appearance on Jesse Watters Primetime when he teased Congress’ immediate next steps. Biden’s plan to terrorize Americans with the IRS may just get thwarted. The California Republican’s first move as Speaker of the House? Repeal the provision passed earlier this year that allowed for 87,000 new IRS agents. McCarthy has come under scrutiny from conservatives, but is doing all he can to turn minds around. All we can do is hope that his commitment to revoking this addition is sincere, and Congress will feel its effects soon.

The Republican party has no shortage of ambitious goals with their list of reforms to the government and national security. The first step is to lighten the burdens of taxpayers everywhere by removing the mandate for 87,000 IRS agents. After that they intend to focus on securing America’s borders as a matter of national security and as an economic stimulus by removing the burden Illegal aliens create. Energy Independence is another goal that ties into economic resurgence, allowing us to produce more energy on our home turf for our own citizens rather than relying upon foreign nations. Moving forwards Republicans also hope to bring ultimate accountability to the government, investigating both COVID-19 and alleged crimes involving the Biden family alike. Finally, Republicans want the FBI to maintain its focus on actual crime, not political motives or Americans making posts on social media. It’s an ambitious agenda but one that Americans from coast-to-coast can look upon with optimism and eagerness for positive change in our nation’s politics.

With the election of the House Speaker looming on Jan. 3, the Republicans are caught in a bind – it doesn’t appear that their current front-runner, Kevin McCarthy, has enough support to win the position. Matt Gaetz is leading the charge for an alternative choice with Ohio representative Jim Jordan being a likely contender for the role. While McCarthy is doing his best to rally support from his GOP colleagues, he may be contending against an uphill battle if more Republicans back Jordan instead. The future of the Republican Party lies in who will ultimately win on January 3rd and it looks to be a tight race between McCarthy and whoever presents themselves as another potential candidate.

The presumed Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy’s plans to repeal legislation, secure America’s borders, and investigate Biden family criminal activity could mean big changes are coming. Biden, Fauci, and Mayorkas should be very concerned as the spotlight is now firmly on them. We now have a government that is taking responsibility and one that will finally hold everyone accountable. Regardless of what people might think, the presumed Speaker is devoted to making positive strides towards securing our future. This is an opportunity that we cannot pass up, whoever takes the gavel from Pelosi, and I’m thankful for it.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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