BREAKING: CNN Desperately Trying to Stop GOP From Probing Biden’s, COVID Links, and Fauci!

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CNN is clearly trying to sweep their beloved Joe Biden and Dr. Fauci’s scandalous behavior under the rug with a brand new report that attempts to discredit the GOP investigations into corruption, COVID-19, and mismanagement in U.S. government agencies. Is CNN really fake news? Judging by this disgraceful display of scrambling to run cover for Biden then yes! It looks like they will do anything to hide Fauci’s crimes — which at this point doesn’t even surprise us anymore.

Just when you thought the fake news couldn’t get any worse than the Russian collusion hoax, CNN is now scrambling to run cover for Joe Biden and his administration while desperately attempting to hide Dr. Fauci’s crimes. On Monday night, Anderson Cooper 360 aired an extremely damning report featuring Randi “Kush” Kaye who outright sneered at the Republicans’ efforts to hold President Biden accountable. It’s quite clear that CNN is trying to stamp out GOP investigations into the Bidens, COVID-19 pandemic, and Fauci with this disgraceful report – one which you simply have to see in order to believe just how far they will go in advancing their fake news agenda.

NewsBusters reports, Randi “Kush” Kaye, famous for seemingly getting high during CNN’s New Year’s Eve debauchery in 2017, started her report by whining about Kentucky Republican Congressman James Comer’s determination to have his House Oversight and Reform Committee “investigate whether Joe Biden and Hunter are, as she puts it, ‘compromised.’” 

Even while ignoring the evidence of apparent corruption found on Hunter Biden’s laptop, Kaye warned of what Republicans would do. As if there was no evidence, Kaye stated, “There is no evidence Joe Biden did anything wrong. And Hunter Biden has denied any wrongdoing.” However, this ignores the 10 percent “for the big guy” and Joe’s false claims that he never spoke with his son about business.

It seems clear that CNN is struggling to run cover for Joe Biden, hide Fauci’s questionable activities during the pandemic, and discredit any future Republican investigations into these issues. It’s an absolute disgrace that CNN has the audacity to attempt this after years of relentless attacks on President Trump. This brings yet more evidence that CNN is simply a tool of fake news and deception, devoid of any genuine journalism or truth.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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