Democrats Terrified Over New Statistic That Just Came Out About Black Voters

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Democrats everywhere should be shaking in their shoes after hearing the news. For decades, it has been a wide-spread belief that the republican party will never take back certain parts of the country, which had had loyally voted Democrat for generations.  Now, it appears that those same deeply rooted blue areas are slowly but surely turning republican red – spurred on by Trump’s message of freedom and independence across America.

It is truly shocking to see many state’s once reliable Democratic voting patterns become republican strongholds. One can only wonder what this means for the next Presidential election in 2024 – if the current trend persists then republican votes could outnumber democrat ones, completely solidifying Trump’s chances at re-election.

American Outlook reports, there was an increase in support for Republicans among Black voters in the 2022 midterms.

Black voters backed Republican candidates by 14%, up from 8% in the last midterm election four years ago, according to AP VoteCast.

According to VoteCast, Republican Gov. Brian Kemp more than doubled his support among Black voters in 2022 from 5% four years ago. Both times, he defeated Democrat Stacey Abrams.

The Democrats could face headwinds in 2024 in Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania, where presidential and Senate races are usually decided by narrow margins, and turning out Black voters is part of their political strategy.

It is no surprise that black voters are beginning to move towards the Republican end of the spectrum, with all of the hate and vitriol in the mainstream media.

According to American Look Out, The View has become one of the most politically toxic shows. Furthermore, the hosts are clearly leftist, in addition to being not well educated and insulting half the country. Among others, Sunny Hostin does not understand why anyone voted for Herschel Walker in Georgia. It’s okay to support the man when he throws a football and makes millions, but when he tries to do something more elevated, he’s a loser.


A person is not stupid, given time and shown facts anyone’s opinion can change. With the massive downturn in the economy, inflation and looming recession it is clear that the Biden Admin has failed America. Yet the mainstream media continues to lie to everyday Americans, and like I said before a person is not stupid. If the black community is beginning to wake up to the decades of lies being told, and are beginning to realize that it was the Republican party all along who pushed for equality, and freedom then the choice should be clear on who to vote for. The Democrats’ worst fear is an educated voter, and thanks to citizen journalism and social media people are beginning to get educated. 

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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