Kathy Hochul Signs New GROUNDBREAKING Carbon Emission Bill

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Governor Kathy Hochul of New York has just signed a groundbreaking new bill that is sure to shake up the status quo. Democrats will stop at nothing to push their agenda. This new bill is no different and Hochul believes it is vital to preserving our environment and curbing the worst effects of  “climate change.”

In an attempt to bring attention to her climate change agenda, New York Governor Kathy Hochul recently legalized human composting as a means of disposing of dead bodies. It is an “alternative option” to traditional burial and cremation that would help protect the environment from hazardous substances and gases released into the air during these two processes. This all comes in her effort to reduce carbon emission by year 2050 and straight for the globalist playbook

The Postmillennial reports, A bill signed by New York governor Kathy Hochul on Saturday legalized terramation, also known as human composting, which is the natural organic reduction of a person’s body into fertilizer. The bill’s sponsors noted that human composting reduces carbon emissions when the bill was introduced.

According to the Guardian, “the deceased are placed into a reusable, semi-open vessel containing suitable bedding – wood chips, alfalfa or straw – ideal for microbes to go about their work.” Upon completion, nutrient-dense soil, equivalent to 36 bags of soil, is produced that can be used as fertilizer.”

A green funeral home in Washington called Return Home Terramation made a quick video describing the process.

A manager at Greensprings Natural Cemetery Preserve in central New York, Michelle Menter, said, “Every single thing we can do to turn people away from concrete liners and fancy caskets and embalming, we ought to do and be supportive of.”

The two sponsors said the bill helps “measures the state is putting in place to eliminate carbon emissions by 2050.”

Other states have passed legislation allowing dead people to be converted into fertilizer. With the signature of Democrat Governor Jay Inslee in 2019, Washington became the first state in the US to approve human composting instead of cremation or burial. In 2021, similar legislation was passed in Colorado and Oregon. In 2022, Vermont and California followed suit. The sixth state is New York.

The New York State Catholic Conference said human composting “does not provide the respect due to bodily remains.” Executive director Dennis Poust said, “Composting and fertilizing may be appropriate for vegetable clippings or eggshells, but not for our mortal remains.”

The situation with the Democratic states that have passed bills deeming fetal remains as biological waste to be disposed of with medical and infectious waste is a moral dilemma. It appears that their disregard for not only unborn lives, but newly deceased lives shows a lack of respect for life itself. Their motives behind this deep-seeded agenda seem to stem from a globalist mentality, eschewing traditional values like respecting the lives that are gone too soon.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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