WOW! Biden PUBLICLY HUMILIATED on The World Stage After Vatican Issues SHOCKING Decree

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Joe Biden’s public humiliation on the world stage hit a crescendo when the Vatican issued a shocking decree not allowing Biden to attend the funeral for beloved Pope Benedict XVI. Many people have wondered what caused such an unusual and unprecedented statement from the holy seat, but one thing is certain – Joe Biden has been publicly shamed in front of the entire globe. The implications of this public snub may take some time to be seen, but it’s a black mark on the Biden legacy that won’t soon be forgotten.

President Biden recently endured public humiliation on the world stage as the Vatican issued a shocking decree. Biden will not be attending the funeral of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI per the wishes of the late pope, which is sure to upset many aligned with the progressive-leaning president. The political machinations surrounding this event bring attention to his large public record supporting abortion in utero – a practice that is certainly viewed as an abomination within Christian circles.

In the wake of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI’s death, many questioned whether or not Joe Biden would attend the funeral.

According to Karine Jean-Pierre, the Vatican has requested that Biden not attend Pope Benedict’s funeral, according to yesterday’s White House press briefing.

While departing the White House a reporter confronted Biden directly on the matter. Biden simply responded, “You know why.”

Perhaps the Vatican doesn’t want a repeat of what happened in October of 2021 when the Pope abruptly canceled a live broadcast with the US president without explanation. At the time many speculated that Biden pooped his pants because of word on the street in Rome.

On October 30th 2021, Amy Tarkanian tweeted, “The word around Rome is that Biden’s meeting with the Pope was unusually long because Biden had a bit of an “bathroom accident” at the Vatican & it had to be addressed prior to him leaving. I know we joke often about this, but this is the actual rumor going around Rome now.”

Juanita Broaddrick put out a curious tweet in response: “Joe is taking the dementia medication, Namenda.  One of the common side effects is diarrhea.” According to ALZ dot org Namenda is “approved for moderate-to-severe Alzheimer’s disease”and is “prescribed to improve memory, attention, reason, language and the ability to perform simple tasks.”

Dr Taylor Marshall analyzed the claims at the time.

That whole fiasco prompted us to ask Dr. Noel his professional opinion on Biden having Dementia.

It’s a global public humiliation for Biden as the Vatican has issued a shocking decree, requesting Joe Biden not attend the funeral of Pope Benedict. Were they referring to his unruly – and potentially embarrassing- behavior at the Vatican last year? Did Biden leave the pope’s presence with a bathroom emergency that ended in him pooping himself there? Are they afraid it may happen again? No matter the reason, this will remain a stain on Biden’s reputation for years to come.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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