Incredible: See How Quickly Mayor Pete Reacted When Someone Mentioned The US Senate

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Are you wondering how Pete Buttigieg responded to the rumor that he is running for the US Senate? Me neither, but his response reminded us of his days-long non-response to the airline crisis over the holidays. His reaction to a possible Senate bid was far quicker than his response to the airline crisis! 

After Michigan Democratic Sen. Debbie Stabenow announced her retirement, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg responded more quickly to speculation about a possible Senate run than he did to the airline crisis over the holidays.

According to the Daily Caller, the senator announced Thursday morning around 9:15 a.m. she would not run for re-election. 

Rumors spread that Buttigieg would run for Stabenow’s seat after recently relocating to Michigan. In a statement sent to reporters before 11:00 a.m., Buttigieg addressed the rumors.

Buttigieig’s statement reads in part, “I am fully focused on serving the President in my role as Secretary of Transportation, and not seeking any other job.”

During the holiday season, Buttigieg was criticized for alleged inaction in response to airline cancellations and delays. Sixty-three percent of the canceled flights were caused by Southwest Airlines, according to FlightAware. A “botched” operational system made it difficult for staff to access their new assignments, even though the airline blamed “extreme weather” for the schedule disruptions.

On December 26, Southwest canceled 2,909 flights, accounting for 71% of the scheduled flights, but Buttigieg issued a statement after midnight on December 27.

“I’m tracking closely & will have more to say about this tomorrow,” Buttigieg said in a tweet, responding to a post from the U.S. Department of Transportation saying they were “concerned” by the cancellations.

Buttigieg did, however, have the time on December 26th to wish his Twitter followers a “Happy Kwanzaa.”

Then, two days later, in a statement to Good Morning America on Dec. 28, Buttigieg said Southwest customers should be compensated for the “system failure.”

Southwest Airlines did end up announcing that it is refunding passengers for canceled and “substantially delayed” flights from December 24 to January 2. The airline will also refund passengers for alternative rearrangement costs upon request.

After rumors started circulating, Mayor Pete Buttigieg was quick to respond when someone mentioned a possible US Senate run. The timing of his response sharply contrasted with his days-long silence on the airline crisis that plagued America over the holidays and left many Americans suffering from canceled flights and delays. His response – that, by the way, reeks of personal gain – is not only disgraceful, but it speaks to what he values most, putting his personal needs before those of the people. Mayor Pete can no longer hide behind his title, and Americans are now well aware of what he stands for.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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