Oregon Takes a Magic Leap into 2023 With This New Law

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Oregon has taken a huge leap forward into 2023 with its colorful array of liberal policies, and a controversial new drug policy might just be the most eye-catching. Oregon’s decision to allow recreational drug use in a “controlled environment” is seen as another symptom of a nation going too far left. While some may argue for personal liberty when it comes to things like drugs, one could make the sad argument that an overly medicated population is easier to control and manipulate. 

On January 1st, the Beaver State set a new precedent in mental health care: the legalization of therapeutic magic mushrooms. This monumental move known as Ballot Measure 109 is the first of its kind, allowing licensed facilitators to administer a psychoactive drug found in “magic” mushrooms, for therapeutic use. After the law was passed, Oregon regulators began accepting applications for facilitators earlier Last month. The time has come for the people of Oregon to surrender to their lawmakers with this new piece of legislation – no Pun intended.

Daily Caller reports, Oregon’s ballot measure 109, which legalized hallucinogenic mushrooms for therapy, went into effect Jan. 1. Applications for licensed facilitators have already begun.

This measure, codified as ORS 475A, allows supervised, licensed facilities to manufacture, deliver, and administer psilocybin, the active ingredient in “magic” mushrooms, to adults.

Originally passed in 2020, the law legalizes the use of psilocybin, but requires that trained facilitators observe users.

KGW News did a report on it at the height of the conversation

The New York Times reports that, on Jan. 2, one day after Oregon implemented the law, the state opened application processes for facilitator training. Participants will be guided through the experience at a location approved by the facilitator.

A state-approved preliminary facilitator training course was held to train the first group of potential facilitators in December, even though the application process opened after the law was implemented. Students in the course, made up of seasoned mental health professionals, paid nearly $10,000 for the course, but were not allowed to use psilocybin.

At the time, regulations were still being drafted, so mushrooms could not be used. Rather than taking psychedelic drugs, the students practiced meditation or intensive breathing techniques.

In spite of the fact that the law was passed in November of 2020, it was delayed for two years to allow the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) to set up a system to regulate its use.

Oregon continues to make waves as they have recently passed a bill that allows the use of psychedelic drugs with consent from a healthcare professional, making it one of multiple liberal states in America to allow such a thing. This progressive step taken by the legislature has now opened up new doors for individuals curious about exploring their own subconscious. But before jumping on the bandwagon, it’s important to be skeptical when new government legislation like this is being passed. After all, it’s ultimately an attempt to manipulate people’s judgments and influence their thoughts. Even if this particular step can turn out to be beneficial for those undergoing mental health issues, in the end it’s always best to take an objective approach while weighing all your options before taking any such risk. But will liberal Oregon see that way? Probably not.

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