WOAH! Don Jr.’s Reaction To Court Win Against Woke Mob Will Make You Jump Out Of Your Seat!

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Donald Trump Jr.’s reaction to a major court win against the woke mob will literally make you want to jump out of your seat. You simply must see how Donald Trump Jr. is sending ripples throughout the internet with his enthusiasm over this ruling – we guarantee it’ll shock you right down your core!

Following an appeals court ruling that a former Washington teacher was protected by the First Amendment for wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat during a school training, Donald Trump Jr released a video celebrating the ruling in the name of free speech.

According to court documents cited by FOX News, teacher Eric Dodge said he was verbally attacked by school employees when he brought the hat to school, and that the attack violated his First Amendment rights.

Dodge won the appeals panel’s decision, finding the school district did not demonstrate “tangible disruption” of school operations that would outweigh the teachers’ First Amendment rights.

Don Jr. called the ruling “conservative justice.”

He also noticed the double standard in this situation, claiming that none of this would have happened if the teacher were to be wearing Bernie Sanders, BLM, or Hillary Clinton apparel.

Donald Trump Jr. is spot on with his reaction to this major court win against the woke mob. His bullish enthusiasm for conservative justice and his message of ‘Make America Great Again’ has sent ripples throughout the internet, and watching this reaction will surely electrify conservatives around the nation from head to toe! His message carries a powerful call for restoring the values and principles of free speech into our current state of affairs. It’s time now to take a stand and, as Trump Jr. declares, challenge woke culture as it increasingly infringes upon our constitutional rights.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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