Eric Adam Finds Despicable Excuse For Personal Incompetence

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Behind every politician’s election campaign, there are often grandiose promises of deliverance and glory. When Eric Adam was elected as mayor, rather than taking responsibility for his personal incompetence and lack of knowledge on key issues, he chose an easy way out with his newest excuse.

Eric Adams, has provided some insights into his predecessor’s tenure in office. Adams claims that de Blasio’s lack of leadership was the underlying cause for many of the issues he had to deal with in his administration. He states that his predecessors’ style of governance was unhelpful in addressing crime rates and reform initiatives, giving him plenty of reasons to be concerned about what might have been. So what exactly is Adams trying to say here. Is he saying he is unable to do the job he was elected to do because of the previous administration? Because that would be a problem.

Town Hall reports, New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) harangued former Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) for not resolving any of the city’s current issues when he was the city’s top leader.

Adams revealed he even called the former mayor to ask what was happening. 

Ex- NYP Albany Bureau Chief, Barnedette Hogan made tweeted about the comments, stating: “

@NYCMayor is now bad mouthing @BilldeBlasio

“I am so tired of the previous administration and their antics!”

Blames de Blasio for keeping the schools closed and torpedoing the Big Apple’s economy during COVID.

“I called Bill the other day and said: ‘What’s going on?'”

Adams didn’t stop there. Instead of doing what he was elected to fix, he doubled down on his predecessor.

With: “”They had 8 years to do their job! 8 years to deal with crime, 8 years to deal with education…early childhood education…children with disabilities…to fix NYCHA … they had all the time to do their job!”

Adams is quite the character. It has been confirmed he did in fact speak to the previous administration.

Gothamist reports, Adams himself has repeatedly said the former administration handed him a crisis, an assertion he repeated on Wednesday. “They left the house in total disarray,” Adam’s said.

Adams said that he had called de Blasio to address the issue.

On Wednesday evening, de Blasio issued his own statement on Twitter.

DeBlasio then acknowledged he and Adams spoke about helping him. Here is what he said;

“I spoke with @NYCMayor this afternoon. I certainly understand how difficult it is to govern this city, which is why I have offered him help in many forms over the last year and a half. We all need him to succeed and should help in any way we can.”

And that’s how New York’s problems got worse. The end.

New Yorkers are clearly the butt of the joke right now, un-officially having two mayors in charge of their city that have both proven utterly ineffective in really solving any of the real issues. One who seems to do little but complain and shift blame onto others, while on the other is DeBlasio who terrorized the city for 8 years and accomplished nothing really positive. It’s enough to make anyone wonder whether New York will ever make it out of this mess as long as they keep going down the same rabbit hole.  The question all New Yorkers should be asking themselves is, How many mayors does it take to fix New Yorkers problems? The answer depends on the political affiliation. We all know Republicans only needed one mayor. Rudy Guiliani. Who do democrats have?

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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