Mom Notices Something HORRIBLY Wrong with Board Game her Kids got for Christmas

People are upset about the "wokeness" of the new version of the classic Hasbro game, The Game of Life, after a viral Facebook post came out.
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People are upset about the “wokeness” of the new version of the classic Hasbro game, The Game of Life, after a viral Facebook post came out.

The social media user Lindsay Harold expressed her concerns about the board game after realizing how it evolved from its original version, according to the Daily Wire.

The post began, “My girls got The Game of LIFE for Christmas. In helping them learn to play it, I expected a nostalgic experience full of memories of playing it as a child. But the game has changed profoundly. It’s not at all the game I remember.”

“Oh, there are similarities, of course,” the post continued. “The general idea of living a life during the course of the game and ending at retirement is still there. It still has college and career options and paydays and a little car you move along the board, adding more peg characters as you go. But in several major ways, it is now very much a woke game. The changes are a microcosm of how society has changed over the last generation or so.”

After that, Harold reviewed some significant changes, including updates on marriages, families, and pets.

She wrote, “In my childhood version, the people were either blue or pink, male or female. You married someone of the opposite color and the game prescribed whether you had a baby boy or a baby girl each time, depending on which space you landed.”

Unlike the older version, the newer version has pegs that come in a rainbow of genderless colors, and most of them aren’t even human.

The post continued, “Not only can you add a spouse and children and friends (it’s not just family anymore) to the car, but you can also add a pet, which is represented by the same little peg person. So there’s no longer two genders and pets are now people too.”

According to her, marriage cost more money and took longer than in the older versions of Game of Life.

Additionally, she pointed out that in the older game, families could have as many children as they wanted.

Using a comparison to modern society, the Facebook user summarized the game-playing experience.

She wrote, “In the old game of LIFE, everyone married and most had kids, as that was something that just happened after you married. You could build a great life in multiple ways because marrying and children were legitimate ways to invest in the future, just like the more financial options such as buying a house or choosing a career. Family was wealth, not liability. And it was just fun seeing what kind of family you ended up with”.

She also warned, “The new game sends a very different message. If you want to win this dystopian game of LIFE, it’s best to avoid marriage and children as they cost you and slow you down. You definitely can’t have a lot of kids. That’s not even an option.”

She concludes: “So, needless to say, I’m not at all happy with the new version of the game. I don’t recommend this one at all. Wokeness ruins everything.”

Milton Bradley created the Game of Life in 1860. The game has been updated several times over the years, including a 1991 version that rewarded players for “good behavior” like recycling trash and helping the homeless. In the latest version of Life, careers in vlogging and online sport competition cards are available.

CLOSE. Wokeness has ruined yet another classic game, as The Game of Life, the popular Hasbro board game, has been updated with a radical overhaul. After Lindsay Harold posted her thoughts on Facebook and made the news go viral, people have become aware of the dramatic changes to the game – from its marriage regulations, family structures, and pets to the fact that peg players don’t even have to be humans anymore. The older version prepared players for real life experiences and lessons learned; however, due to the game’s new changes, it could be said that it is tailored towards raising a generation of softies unfit for embracing life’s struggles.

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