WATCH: Texas Republican Shocks CNN Host’s World in LIVE Battle Against the “Clinton News Network”

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Hold onto your hats, this is about to get wild. CNN host’s world got rocked on live television when a Texas Republican came out swinging and wasn’t afraid to be politically incorrect! CNN was handed fireworks like they had never seen before as the GOP Rep shocked them with a sly dig referencing “The Clinton News Network” during his appearance. If you thought CNN had already started to heat up with drama, just wait until you see this!

CNN host Erin Burnett got quite a surprise on Thursday when new Representative-elect Troy Nehls (R-Texas) began the debate by turning tables and remarking he was not used to being interviewed on the “Clinton News Network.”

You have to see it to believe it – FIREWORKS ensued as an obviously taken back Burnett tried futilely to set him straight on her show’s core mission – promoting liberal propaganda. The instantaneous response of Nehls on CNN has become an internet sensation – wait till you see what happened next when one of CNN’s anchors got called out, to her face!

When Burnett asked Nehls if he was prepared to continue the battle through the night, Nehls replied, “I’m a combat veteran, served in law enforcement for 30 years… I can be here till July.”

Burnett ignored Nehls’ response and pointed out that she felt offended when she was called “young lady,” pointing out that it was “rude.”

As the former US Army major and county sheriff discussed the House GOP battle over the speakership, he smirked as he invoked the derisive moniker, “Clinton News Network”, conservatives use to describe the far-left cable news channel. The dig was dropped as he explained that he meant no offense when he had earlier called Erin Burnett a “young lady.”

As a member of the House Freedom Caucus, Nehls is trying to prevent Rep. Kevin McCarthy from becoming the next speaker of the House. Despite disagreeing with his colleagues, Nehls is backing McCarthy.

Since Tuesday, 11 votes have been held to elect Nancy Pelosi’s successor as speaker.

Representative-elect Troy Nehls (R-Texas) made a spectacular entrance to CNN, with him and CNN anchor Erin Burnett engaging in a heated debate about the Speaker of the House vote. In this roller coaster ride of an exchange, Nehls shook up Burnett’s world with one unexpected phrase: “Clinton News Network”. Her expression was priceless – it truly looked like her world got rocked right on live television! After all, it is not every day that one CNN host gets attacked for being politically correct right there on CNN. Who would have expected such an entertaining turn of events? Not CNN viewers that day!

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Next News Network Team

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