IRONY ALERT: Eric Adams Calls Biden Callous Over Problem He Created

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Oh the Irony! Now New York City’s mayor Eric Adams is calling out the Biden administration for ignoring the illegal immigration problem that the sanctuary city is currently experiencing. But Eric Adams forgot one crucial piece to the puzzle, Biden wants the crisis to happen.

Ever since day one in Biden’s presidency he has done everything he can to make sure that the southern borders are wide open, allowing for over 2.4 million Illegal immigrants to cross into America in fiscal year 2022 alone.

Daily caller reports, Mayor Eric Adams criticized the Biden administration on Wednesday for its “callous” response to the surge in illegal immigrants the city has seen since it began accepting buses full of migrants.

It has been difficult for the city to provide for thousands of illegal immigrants arriving without sufficient federal support, Adams said Wednesday.


Eric Adams has been bashing President Biden for months over Biden’s failure to help out the self proclaimed sanctuary city.

Daily caller reports, Eric Adams has been on a rampage for months ever since the first bus loads of Illegal immigrants arrived in New York City. Adams spent time bashing the border state Governors who sent the illegals to his city.


It is funny that now even liberal Mayors are beginning to call out Biden’s lack of action on the border crisis. But one thing those liberal Governors, mayors and elected officials failed to realize is that this is a created crisis. The policies and lack of action from the Biden administration are all geared towards allowing as many illegal immigrants to cross into our country as possible. Biden on day one in office removed Trump policies that effectively reduced the number of illegal border crossings and greatly stemmed the flow of those people from crossing into our country illegally. For Eric Adams to cry for help from the same administration that is causing this problem, just highlights the lack of understanding at the bigger picture in play. Adams will not get help, nor will the border crisis be resolved until there is a new president in office. Further a criminal investigation should be opened into Biden for his dereliction of duty on the southern border, as it is his job to uphold and defend the laws of our nation.

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Next News Network Team

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