Pritzker Vows To Fight For Purge Law After Ruled Unconstitutional

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Well it is official, JB Pritzker cares more about criminals and blocking attempts by the police, than he cares about the law abiding citizens in his state.

The Safe T Act is one of the worst laws in the country when it comes to eliminating cash bail, and imposes a ludicrous amount of new rules that law enforcement has to follow, all of which favor criminals, and severely hampers law abiding citizens.

Breitbart reports, a Democrat-approved law that would abolish bail statewide has been stalled by the state’s Supreme Court, but Illinois Governor JB Pritzker vows to “fight” for the measure.

This week, the Illinois Supreme Court halted the bail abolishment law for the time being after a lower court ruled that the law violated the state’s constitution.


Recently the cashless bail portion of the Safe-T Act was shot down by a local court causing JB Pritzker to throw his little temper tantrums.

ABC7 Chicago reports, a judge recently ruled that cash bail is unconstitutional under the SAFE-T Act.

An Illinois hearing recently resulted in 65 state attorneys challenging the new law. This means that the pre-trial release and bail reforms described in the law will not take effect in Kankakee County on January 1.


Illinois’s Democratic Governor J.B Pritzker has made his priorities clear: protecting criminals is more important to him than standing up for law abiding citizens. The bill basically abolishes bail, meaning that many criminal suspects can be set free even before going to trial – an outrageous decision especially in the face of rampant crime rates. This shameful demonstration of Pritzker’s dedication to wrongdoing, rather than justice, is deeply concerning and unfortunately far too common among Democrats – a party that can no longer be trusted to keep our citizens safe. The first job for any elected official is to protect their constituents, and JB Pritzker has failed time and time again to uphold that sacred duty.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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