Buttigieg Breaks Silence On The Christmas Airline Chaos

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As the nation reeled from the chaotic scenes at airports over the Christmas holidays, Democratic Pete Buttigieg who is in charge of the department of transportation stayed silent as if he was not in charge. Now Pete has broken his silence and is now responding to critics. This should be fairly entertaining.. 

Pete Buttigieg is responding to public criticism of recent Christmas chaos by pledging the full force of his Department Of Transportation to hold SouthWest Airlines accountable. Many South West customers experienced chaotic cancellation in the days leading up to the holiday season, which prompted a deluge of complaints and prompted the Buttigieg act. Many expected Pete to take some responsibility for the incompetence; he instead h went on the defense for himself, while assuring people that customers will be taken care of. We’re sure that was not exactly the best way to start off the new year for Pete but had he done a better job, maybe it would have been a better new year for him.

Fox News reports, Texan Pete Buttigieg responded Thursday to critics following a disastrous Christmas travel week that saw thousands of flights canceled, most notably by Southwest Airlines.

Let’s first remind you of the colossal disaster that ruined thousands of Americans’ plans to celebrate with their families.

Well, now that you’ve been reminded of just how bad the chaos was, what excuses did Putigeig have for all the critics?

In his remarks, Buttigieg noted Southwest CEO Bob Jordan has been in the job since February 2022, but that the airline should have taken corrective action years earlier.

Then he emphasized for the people who were gravely affected; “What I know for sure is that — and this is important for anybody who’s watching this to know – you are required to get your money back if your flight was canceled and you’re required to get it within 7 days… and you are required to get your expenses covered. I know a lot of passengers right now are still having issues.”

Baier pressed Buttigieg on a few other issues for which USDOT has been criticized, such as the supply chain crisis, which reached its peak while Buttigieg was on paternity leave.

And Buttigeig had some harsh words for his critics.

Well, there you have it, Buttigeig critics.

Even though Pete Buttigieg managed to barely avoid the Railroad strike, which would have been a disaster for our economy, we can’t ignore that there was almost one to begin with. In cases like these, it is his responsibility as a leader to take care of these matters before taking time off. It is clear that he has failed to step-up as a leader, leading many critics to question the competence of his leadership. With crisis after crisis occurring under his control, many citizens are now finding it hard to place their trust in the once mayor to make necessary decisions for an entire country’s  transportation. Leaders take extreme ownership of their mistakes and even try to avoid those mistakes, but that has not been Pete’s reputation thus far. The Christmas chaos was more evident of that.

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