Seconds after Securing the Gavel, McCarthy Sends Message to Trump He’ll Never Forget

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After securing the House Speaker position late Friday night, Kevin McCarthy had a message for Donald Trump – one that demonstrated deep respect and rightful appreciation. His message made headlines, and even prompted a response from Trump himself.

After closing the deal to become Speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy thanked President Trump for his assistance. Democrat politicians and the media claim that Trump’s influence in Republican politics is waning, but that’s simply not true. It is evident to even McCarthy that he would not have been able to close the gap without Trump’s help.

In a special message to Trump, McCarthy thanked him for his part in winning over several Republican holdouts and helping him win approval from his conference to become Speaker of the House, Fox News reports.

Trump reacted to McCarthy’s message, writing on Truth Social, “Thank you Kevin. It was my great honor!”

Several concessions were made by McCarthy to a group of 20 Republicans who withheld their support on the first 14 votes, resulting in the House of Representatives electing him as speaker on the 15th ballot. There was a demand from the holdouts that rules changes be made that would decentralize power in the House, increase representation on the powerful Rules Committee, and cap spending as well as launch investigations into the FBI and other agencies under the Biden administration.

With 216 votes, McCarthy won the election after six remaining holdouts voted “present” and lowered the threshold. The six members of the House that voted present were Andy Biggs from Arizona, Lauren Boebert from Colorado, Elijah Crane from Arizona, Matt Gaetz from Florida, Bob Good from Virginia, and Matt Rosendale from Montana.

As noted by the American Lookout, it is hoped that McCarthy will become a stronger leader as a result of last week’s battle.

After making history as being elected House Speaker, Kevin McCarthy’s message to Trump was an acknowledgement of the president’s central role among caucus members, who ultimately attributed their success in achieving a GOP majority to him. McCarthy has expressed his commitment to make sure that his party remains accountable for fulfilling its promises and taking bold action on behalf of the American people in order to restore faith in our government. All of the promises McCarthy has made were made in good faith in order to make America great again. So buckle up folks, because the Republican majority in the House is in full swing and we have a feeling things are going to get really heated really fast. 

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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