Lightfoot Blasted For Sending Illegal Immigrants To Poor Neighborhoods

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Mayor Lightfoot’s decision to proceed with her plan to allow unaccompanied minors and illegal immigrants into a largely black Chicago neighborhood has been met with outrage by members of the community who say they feel betrayed after all their pleas have gone unheard. In their view, Lightfoot has failed to take their concerns seriously and is advocating for an agenda that puts woke policies ahead of engaging with her own constituents. 

Lightfoot is up for re-election but you would not be able to tell after she attempts to cram her liberal agenda down the throats of neighboring communities, ignoring the pleas from the community for help on violence and crime, just to send thousands of illegal immigrants to a school that was supposed to be for children in the community. 

American outlook reports. Mayor Lori Lightfoot was recently told by residents of the predominantly black Chicago neighborhood of Woodlawn that they don’t want illegal immigrants dropped into their neighborhood. According to reports, Lightfoot plans to house newly arrived migrants in a school in the neighborhood.

Those folks realize that this would add to their already scarce resources. They have every right to object, who can blame them?


The residents of Woodlawn have every right to be furious with Lightfoot on her decision to ship illegal immigrants to their neighborhood.

Residents of Woodlawn, a majority black community, say their community is already overwhelmed with issues ranging from crime to illegal drugs. Mayor Lori Lightfoot is being urged to relocate illegal immigrants to Latino-majority areas of the city since most of them are thought to be from South America. Specifically, Little Village, a largely Mexican neighborhood.

What is further enraging the community is that the state and city lacked resources to keep the schools open across Chicago, and Cook county but now funding can be found to house illegal immigrants there. For decades Chicago has been closing schools due to lack of funding, and forcing students from different neighborhoods to get on buses and be shipped across the suburbs to other school districts.

Words cannot express how shameful it is for her to disregard the safety of people who voted for her in favor of providing shelter for undocumented individuals. It just goes to show, nothing should be taken for granted and any politician that fails to listen to its people’s legitimate concerns deserves the anger it incurs. Lightfoot has failed the city with her easy on crime approach, and her constant enabling of insane liberal policies that just further destroy communities. Now for Lightfoot to plan to send illegal immigrants to one of the poorest neighborhoods in the city is just beyond the pale in her lack of empathy for the people she is supposed to be helping. There is no way that Lightfoot should be mayor for one second longer.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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