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Apparently according to Biden’s EPA you cannot own anything that does not run on electricity, as yet another major appliance is now moving towards being outright banned across the United States.

It seems like every week the woke mob gets another culture war victory, as major appliances are deemed to be not climate friendly. Additionally the liberal elite are on a warpath for every day Americans to get rid of everything they own for some reason or another, as the liberal lunacy reaches new heights.

We Love Trump Reports, There is a possibility that gas stoves will disappear within a few years.

As US Consumer Product Safety Commissioner Richard Trumka Jr. stated in a Monday interview, the Feds are considering regulating or even prohibiting natural gas stoves.

Studies claim that appliances are associated with health-harming air pollutants.


People are not in favor of the federal government banning gas stoves, since if the power grid were ever to go down, they would have no way of cooking their food with an open flame.

Noah tweeted “So help me, if my gas stove is banned, I was will use #coal exclusively. Screw the #EPA, the  #WHO and the private jet that they few in on. Read the room- you have 0 credibility.”

Paddy tweeted “From my cold dead hands. We love ours & we’re able to cook during power outages (we don’t have a generator). Gas stoves could be banned in 2023, top federal official says: ‘It’s a real possibility.’”

The FEDS had more to add when it came to regulating and banning gas stoves. 

Washington Examiner writes, The EPA has already issued a request for information seeking public input about the hazards associated with natural gas stoves.

According to Trumka, a Biden appointee and former Democratic congressional staffer as well as the son of Richard Trumka, the late former top labor official, the request for information “is the first step in a long journey toward regulating gas stoves.”

A ban on new gas stoves is a “real possibility,” and Trumka says the agency “could get a regulation on the books before next year.”

Many cooks favor gas stoves, which emit air pollutants such as nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, and other particulate matter at levels deemed unsafe by the EPA and WHO. Gas stoves are used in about 40% of U.S. homes.

Researchers have found that even when turned off, the appliances can leak methane, a harmful gas that contributes to global warming.

A new study published late last month attributes gas stove pollution to roughly 12.7% of childhood asthma cases in the U.S. – a level of exposure similar to secondhand smoke exposure.

According to a study conducted by environmental think tank RMI, gas stoves may be responsible for 650,000 cases of childhood asthma.

According to a spokesperson for the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, no new regulatory actions have been proposed so far.

It seems like these liberal woke elitists want to ban literally every aspect of life. Remember the good old days where your refrigerator kept food cold, your furnace kept your house hot, and your thermostat didn’t care what temperature your house was at. Those days are gone. Now we have government agencies telling energy suppliers to manually force your thermostats to stay at a certain temperature, and all of these energy efficient appliances are costing more and more money as they raise the price for electricity. Where were the energy shortages, and brownouts when we had all of these “high energy cost” appliances? It seems all of the problems started when they began switching to “energy star” kitchen, and home appliances. Leave it to the Government to tell American citizens that you cannot have food cooked with natural gas, and then masses of people cheering for this to happen. Shameful. 

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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